PS Plus Extra & Premium games for February 2023 are announced by PlayStation.


The complete list of games coming to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium in February 2023 has been made public by PLAYSTATION, and some of them are well-known releases from the previous year.

The sequel to one of PlayStation’s most well-liked exclusive series, Horizon Forbidden West, which debuted in February 2022, is the game that Extra and Premium subscribers can play first.


A post-apocalyptic open-world adventure game called Forbidden West casts players as Aloy, an outcast who holds the key to preserving the planet.

Last year, the game was one of the most popular PlayStation exclusives.

Other well-known games being added to PS Plus include the action-RPG shooter Borderlands 3 and the survival horror game Resident Evil 7.

Less than a year after its initial release, classic horror game The Quarry will be available on PS Plus Extra and Premium.

The complete list of games that Extra and Premium tier subscribers will be able to play starting on February 21, 2023, is provided below.

PS Plus Extra and Premium February 2023 games

Along with the titles mentioned above, PS Plus Premium members will also have free access to a few vintage titles, like the fan favorite Destroy All Humans! where you take on the role of a malicious alien who terrorizes humanity in the 1950s.

Thе following is a list of vеnеrablе gamеs that will bе madе availablе to PS Plus Prеmium subscribеrs only:

PS Plus Prеmium Fеbruary 2023 classic gamеs

On Fеbruary 21, thе PS Plus Prеmium classic gamеs will also bе availablе on thе sеrvicе.

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