Rafael Nadal’s baby is safe, but his wife Maria Francisca Perello is still recovering, according to reports.


According to Spanish media reports, Rafael Nadal’s wife, Maria Francisca Perello, is recovering well and their baby is not in danger.

Last week, the Spaniard’s wife, who is 31 weeks pregnant, was reportedly admitted to a private clinic in Palma, Mallorca, to be monitored as a precautionary measure to avoid complications, with surgery also being discussed.

According to the Spanish national daily MARCA, while the baby is no longer in danger and Perello is recovering, doctors have indicated that she will remain in the hospital for a few weeks to be monitored. To avoid any kind of shock, she will be kept under observation until the 34th week of her pregnancy. No. 1 in the World Maria Isabel, 3’s sister, is said to be monitoring her condition.


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