Raiders Explored Bold Move for Infamous Rams RB in Surprising Trade Inquiry: Insider Report!


Reports: Raiders Among Teams Interested in Trading for Cam Akers

It has been rumored for some time now that the Los Angeles Rams are actively shopping running back Cam Akers. However, it might come as a surprise that the Las Vegas Raiders are among the teams interested in acquiring him, according to NFL reporter Jordan Schultz.

In a recent tweet, Schultz stated that “several teams,” including the Buccaneers, Ravens, Browns, and Raiders, have inquired about a potential trade for Akers. While the Rams are also considering releasing him due to salary reasons, it seems likely that Akers has played his last game for the team. It should be noted that Akers finished last season with three consecutive 100+ yard rushing games and three touchdowns, showcasing his potential value to potential suitors.

A Tempestuous Tenure With the Rams

Before delving into the Raiders’ reported interest in Akers, it is essential to understand the running back’s history with the Rams. Akers was a second-round draft pick from Florida State in 2020 and had a solid rookie season before suffering a season-ending Achilles tendon injury during the 2021 training camp.

Despite making a remarkable recovery and returning to play one game that season, Akers faced criticism from the Rams for his effort level during the following season. The team actively sought to trade him before the trade deadline, resulting in him being a healthy scratch for two weeks. However, when no suitable trading partner was found, Akers returned to the team and finished the season strong, tallying 345 yards on 63 carries in the final three games.

This season, Akers struggled, compiling just 29 yards on 22 carries in Week 1. The Rams once again began exploring trade options, leading to Akers being asked to stay away from the team for Week 2. Despite the confusion surrounding his status, Rams coach Sean McVay stated that Akers and his agent were made aware of the team’s intentions to trade him. McVay expressed disappointment and surprise at Akers’ social media posts regarding the situation.

Does Adding Akers Make Sense for the Raiders?

Given the Raiders’ current roster situation, adding Akers might not be the most logical move. The team already has star players like defensive end Chandler Jones expressing their desire to leave, creating potential issues within the locker room.

In addition, the Raiders have struggled to get their current running back, Josh Jacobs, going in the first two weeks of the season. Jacobs managed just 48 yards on 19 carries in Week 1 and had a disastrous performance against Buffalo’s defense in Week 2, finishing with negative rushing yards on nine carries. With these struggles, it seems the Raiders have more pressing concerns to address before considering adding another running back to their roster.

While Akers may come at a low cost, his potential impact on the team remains uncertain. The Raiders’ focus should be on resolving existing issues and improving their overall performance before making moves in the trade market.


The rumor that the Raiders are among the teams interested in trading for Cam Akers adds an intriguing twist to the ongoing saga surrounding the running back’s future. However, considering the Raiders’ current roster situation and their struggles at the running back position, adding Akers does not appear to be the most strategic move for the team at this time. With several more pressing concerns to address, the Raiders should prioritize resolving internal issues and improving performance on the field.


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