Rats, cockroaches, and worm infestation during family vacation in horrifying villa

When a family arrived at their opulent vacation home, they were horrified to see cockroaches, rats, and worms inside.

According to Primnapaphas Aite, the widespread infestation in Thailand ruined her ideal vacation and still gives her the chills.

In the Palm Spring Housing neighborhood of Pattaya, she paid 47,000 baht (£1,082.12) for two nights at the eight-bedroom property, but she claimed it was a disaster from the moment she arrived.

When she first entered the house, she described having a strange feeling.

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Worms were found on the carpet

(Image: Primnapaphas Aite)

“There were cockroaches inside the second-floor bathroom and close to the pool, and an air conditioner was dripping water. We observed a rat circling the pool in the evening.

Aite claimed that after realizing that creepy crawlies had infested the entire property, she informed the owner about the flooding problem.

The maid reportedly covered a pipe hole with a cloth in an effort to keep rats and cockroaches out of the building.

The vacationer claims, however, that more cockroaches were discovered to have entered the property, according to Thaiger.

The housekeeper reportedly made an effort to resolve the situation

(Image: Primnapaphas Aite)

She shared the shocking conditions online on Facebook in an effort to persuade the owner to act quickly.

She claimed that after her post went viral, the agent who rented the villa to her family gave her a discount of 3,000 baht (£69.08). The traveler, however, declined because she said nobody apologized.

Accоrding tо repоrts, the hоusemaid tried using insecticide tо get rid оf the cоckrоaches but it didn’t wоrk.

She expressed regret tо the family and stated that the оwner has since cоntacted a pest cоntrоl cоmpany tо avоid further prоblems.

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