Redhead here; I’ve had enough of wearing bras; men give me weird looks when it’s chilly, and “Linda” really needs to learn how to keep her husband in line.


A REDHEAD has joined the ranks of the “no-bra club” and declared that she will never wear a bra again.

She is unmoved by the adulation she receives.


But it can draw attention


Since she stopped wearing a bra in public, onlookers have stared.

But this is one fiery haired beauty who appears to be unfazed.

Ariel (@arielgonewild) is a blogger who identifies as a “hot mom” and a “natural redhead.”

Ariel made light of her admirers in a TikTok post.

I’ve been bra-free for seven years - I've saved so much money but I get stares
I’m guilty of wearing white tops without a bra, it’s time to ‘free the nippilips’

There was a guy sitting across from her at KIKUS who “couldn’t stop staring” whenever she wore no bra.

She was dressed in a lilac tank top that clung to her figure and ripped denim shorts.

Her strawberry-blond hair was untucked and hanging down.

Referring to the looks she was getting, she continued, “Damn it, Linda, come get your husband. That place was frigid.

This self-assured Kansan, however, felt some compassion for his predicament.

“I don’t blame him, but I’m done with bras for good.”

Her defiant response showed that she had made up her mind to stop using bras altogether.

Even if this risks offending people.

She concluded her message with the unapologetic line, “No bra, redhead, free the tatas.”

HED: I’m a redhead who’s never going back to bras again – men stare when it’s cold, ‘Linda’ needs to control her husband, , VIDEO: https://www.tiktok.com/@arielgonewild/video/7208971982329744683, , Taken without permission



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