Revealing the Enigmatic Connection: Man Discovers Link Between Viral Plane Videos and Boldly Exposes the Truth Behind ‘Those Bewitching Blue Lights’


It’s Those Blue Lights: The Truth Behind Viral Plane Videos

By Chrissy Bobic

Sep. 18, 2023, Updated 2:04 p.m. ET

Source: TikTok / @chrisgracecomedy

The Rise of Viral Plane Videos

If you’ve never seen a viral video of someone inside a plane with something outrageous happening to them or around them, then you are definitely the exception. Because there are enough of these kinds of videos every day to make me never want to fly again. However, one TikTok user and actor by the name of @chrisgracecomedy, whose real name is Chris, shared what he believes to be a reason behind so many viral plane videos.

Debunking the Fake Videos

In his own TikTok video, Chris debunks some of the viral plane videos as fake. He claims that some videos have a common thread, which is a blue strip of light that he says is from a studio where people can rent a set that looks like the interior of a plane. If this is true, then it means the videos he shows clips of are fake. And it could mean that even more viral plane videos aren’t as real as we all thought they were.

The Blue Light Connection

In his video, Chris shows a handful of shots from other people’s videos that have gone viral for something strange happening inside of a plane. And in those shots, Chris shows the same rope of blue lights that line the ceiling of the plane’s interior. According to him, this is an indication that these viral plane videos are fake.

“Oh my gosh it’s another fun video where people are fighting on an airplane,” Chris says in his video. “Oh wait, look — it’s those blue lights… The thing is, there are these studios you can rent that are fake airplane sets that have these blue lights.”

Possibility or Reality?

Although Chris doesn’t show proof other than his word in his TikTok video, it does seem like a possibility. Especially when you consider the growing number of viral videos that just so happen to include wild antics from plane passengers. In 2018, Insider reported that a store in Los Angeles offered a fake private jet interior that people could take realistic photos in. And influencers have been called out for taking photos in fake private jets. According to Chris, there are actual studios that can be rented, and it’s entirely possible that this is what people have done to then post those videos on TikTok in the hopes of going viral.

A Suspicious Look

The planes in those viral videos look a little suspicious to some. Most of those who commented on Chris’s video are in agreement that we probably never should have trusted some of these viral videos in the first place. One user commented, “I thought it looked too spacious too, that’s what gave it away for me.” Another pointed out, “I can always tell too because the spacing of the chairs to the camera is way too big to be a real plane. It’s not compact enough.” Someone else shared that a viral plane video they saw had “living room arm chairs” on the seats. I mean, at that point, is anyone even trying? But Chris’s claims seem to have lit a fire under some who were already suspicious of some of those videos.

The Southwestern Exception

Despite Chris’s claims, and people in the comments section who agree with him, others have made it clear that some planes do have these blue lights. “Southwest has blue lights like that,” someone wrote under the video. “I flew last month and was surprised by the LED lights everywhere.” Still, I think it’s safe to say that Chris’s claims about those viral plane videos makes sense to most of us. And it’s going to be hard not to look at similar viral videos in a totally different way now.


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