Rick Ross is called “a bad neighbor” after a woman accuses him of letting his buffaloes run wild in her yard and wreaking havoc on her property.


Apparently RICK Ross let his buffaloes out to “tear up” a neighbor’s yard, so he’s been labeled a bad neighbor.

The neighbor claims that twice in the span of a week, two buffaloes wandered onto her property from the rapper’s compound in Fayette, Georgia.


She said she's worried about the animals being near her children


The mother told TMZ that she is concerned for the safety of her children because fully grown elephants can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.

Huge animals can be seen in photographs of Rick’s property running freely.

According to his next-door neighbor, she found the creatures on her property when she returned home from a long day at the office.

She claims she tried to confront Rick about his pets at his house, but instead got into an argument with one of his staff members.

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The woman has stated that she will be filing a neighbor dispute with the city as her next course of action.

She claimed that the police had told her that the incident was a civil dispute and that they would not file a report.

The woman complains that the buffaloes are destroying her yard and pose a threat to her children because of their size.

The damage could cost the woman a lot of money, she says, so it’s not an emergency but she’s worried about it.

Rick received the animals as a gift in March of last year, but he also has other pets.

He also has four horses and a bull.

Darius Burton, Rick’s business partner at Ethika, gave him the buffaloes as a gift.

According to what was said at Ross’s birthday party in January, “we are gifting him these Buffalo,” as stated by Burton.

I suggested a giraffe as a gift, but he wasn’t quite ready for such a large animal just yet and suggested we begin with a cow instead. I told him, “Look, I don’t care if everyone else in the state has cows; if you want to be the envy of the country, I’ll get you a buffalo.

Rick had earlier stated, “I spoke this into existence. Heifers have always been an object of my desire. I bought a heifer.

Rick was gifted the buffaloes by a business partner


The woman said she's going to file a complaint with the city



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