Rishi Sunak says that salary negotiations are making progress, and junior doctors in Birmingham respond by forming a picket line.


RISHI Sunak has revealed that pay talks with nurses are making progress, which should end disruption in the NHS, but he has lashed out at junior doctors.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister lauded the ambulance workers who have come to the table to negotiate with Ministers.


Mr. Sunak, while visiting San Diego yesterday, said, “I am grateful to those unions that are in and having those conversations, we’ve seen progress on the rail side, and we’re making progress with nurses and other health care workers.

“I’m sorry to hear about the action by junior doctors; I’d encourage them and teachers to come in and talk to the government like other unions have done; I’m sure we can work something out.”

In a bitter pay dispute, thousands of doctors went on strike yesterday and plan to do so again today and tomorrow.

As the only striking health workers, the young doctors marched on Whitehall in protest.

Administrators in the NHS have warned hospitals to prepare for a “hard three days” due to the upcoming 72-hour strike.

Due to a strike by members of the British Medical Association, who make up about 40% of clinic staff, appointments have been canceled or delayed for patients across England.

A&E departments and emergency services are receiving a lot of attention from medics.

Patients have been encouraged by ambulance staff to “use services wisely” in order to reduce wait times.

It’s going to be a tough three days,” said NHS England’s medical director, Professor Sir Stephen Powis.

The days of industrial action are likely to be the most disruptive this winter.

Because junior doctors make up such a sizable portion of the medical community and because the event spans three days rather than just one, we’ve extended it to three days.

That kind of widespread upheaval is very possible.

Lack of personnel could cause cancer patients to go without necessary scans and treatments.

According to Nick Hulme, CEO of the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust, “the overwhelming majority” of non-urgent operations and appointments will have to be rescheduled.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is lobbying for a pay raise of roughly a third, citing the fact that its members’ salaries are 26% lower than they were 15 years ago.

It asserted that medical students, who may eventually earn six-figure salaries, would be better off working as baristas.

They say they can’t afford to pay their rent and other bills on pay of about £14 per hour, so they’re on the picket lines.

The problem is that the pay does not match up with the responsibility,” Dr. Rob Laurenson, a BMA representative and a GP trainee in Kent, said.

To bring our wages up to where they would have been 15 years ago, all we’re asking for is a $5 per hour increase.

Ministers, according to Health Secretary Steve Barclay, simply do not have the resources to meet the needs.

He declared, “I have been having constructive and meaningful talks with unions representing nurses, ambulance workers, and other non-medical staff, which have agreed to pause strike action — and negotiations will continue this week.

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I hope the junior doctors will come in and have those talks with me so we can call a halt to the strikes and address these concerns.

Last week, the government extended an olive branch in the form of talks, but the BMA still maintained their strike.


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