Rob Marciano, host of Good Morning America, has been banned from the ABC studio following a series of “alarming events” and “making colleague feel uncomfortable.”


As a result of “making colleagues feel uncomfortable” and a string of “alarming events,” ROB Marciano has reportedly been banned from ABC studios.

The meteorologist who reports the weather on Good Morning America makes occasional appearances on the show, but does most of his or her work in the field.


According to PageSix, it is because he was banned from the ABC studio after making a female colleague feel uncomfortable


In an article published on Sunday, PageSix claimed that Rob has consciously avoided the studio for the better part of a year.

He “made a female colleague feel uncomfortable last year,” according to multiple sources, so ABC Studios banned him.

“He was found to have done something… that was improper, but he was punished for it, and they still haven’t let him return,” said one insider.

A second person informed them, “He made people feel uncomfortable. There was a time when there were problems, when several concerning things happened.

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The sources did not specify which colleague it was or what had transpired between Rob and them.

One of them, however, admitted that he had “anger issues” during his divorce from ex-wife Eryn last year.

Rob could be a grouch and an angry person at times, which was not very admirable of him. That’s why he was pulled off to deal with it, and now he’s back,” the second source added.

As a result of what happened, Rob had to go off the air for a whole month.


Months after the incident, he still isn’t welcome back in the GMA studio, despite his desire to return and Simone Swink’s position as executive producer.

“She takes things very seriously and doesn’t put up with any nonsense. She is dedicated to her job and works hard to maintain a positive and productive work environment for her employees. According to PageSix’s second source, she is extremely loyal to her squad.

Simone was promoted to executive producer after Michael Corn was ousted from the show for sexual assault allegations against two female employees.

Simone is “holding her ground” and “being extra cautious,” according to the first source.

According to a third source, “any decision made about the team is based first and foremost on protecting the culture and enabling our people to focus on the work of news gathering – free from distraction.”

Late last year, GMA was rocked by a scandal involving the affair of two co-hosts, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes.


Rob’s ex-wife Eryn filed for divorce in secret last July, after 11 years of marriage. Sun made its discovery public at the time only.

He disappeared for a long time during the summer of last year as they worked out their divorce.

Divorce papers submitted by Eryn were filed in New York on June 18, 2021.

Rob and Eryn tied the knot in November of 2010; they now have two children, Madelynn, 10, and Mason, 4.

Rob’s Instagram post from last April reveals that he and his ex-wife took their kids on a Spring Break trip to Walt Disney World, suggesting that they are able to co-parent with relative ease.

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Rob and Eryn have not resolved their divorce litigation as of December 2022.

In late November, the parties submitted exhibits to the court as supporting documentation for the upcoming trial.

The meteorologist has been reporting the weather and on natural disasters from around the country


GMA's executive producer won't let him back in even months later


Fans having been begging for Rob to return to the show full-time, but it doesn't appear that he will any time soon



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