Russell Brand vehemently refutes ‘grave’ criminal accusations against his captivatingly ‘libidinous’ history


Russell Brand Denies “Very Serious Criminal” Allegations Surrounding His Past

Russell Brand, the well-known comedian and actor, has recently come forward to deny “very serious criminal” allegations that have been made about his past. Brand made the statement in a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), where he expressed his concern and disbelief over the allegations. While he did not go into specific details about the allegations or who sent them, Brand mentioned that they relate to his time working in the mainstream as an actor.

Transparency and Promiscuity

Brand, who is known for his open and honest approach to discussing his personal life, spoke about his promiscuity during the period in question. He emphasized that all his relationships were consensual and that he was transparent about his lifestyle at the time. Brand finds it troubling that his transparency is being distorted into something criminal and strongly denies any wrongdoing.

The Premiere and Public Disclosure

The allegations are expected to be publicly revealed in the premiere of the U.K.’s Dispatches documentary on Channel 4. Brand mentioned that he does not have any issues with media articles discussing his past based on his memoirs or stand-up routines. However, he firmly denies the “very, very serious criminal allegations” that are being made against him.

Details Surrounding the Premiere

Channel 4’s TV listings for Saturday indicate that the Dispatches episode is a 90-minute investigation. However, currently, the “More Info” button is not accessible and redirects to a “Page Not Found” tab. Several reports suggest that both The Times and The Sunday Times, along with Channel 4, are behind these stories. However, none of the parties involved have publicly addressed the claims as of yet.

Dismissing the Claims

In response to the allegations, Brand has categorically dismissed them as false. He pointed out that there are witnesses whose testimonies directly contradict the narratives presented by the mainstream media outlets. Brand believes that these stories are part of a coordinated attack against him and feels that he is being unfairly targeted.

The Future and Support

While Brand plans to investigate the allegations, he has not provided any further updates on the matter. However, he has received support from his sister-in-law, Kirsty Gallacher, who reposted his video with a red heart emoji on her Instagram Stories. Brand’s wife, Laura Gallacher, has also stood by his side throughout this ordeal. The couple has two daughters together and recently announced that they are expecting their third child. This support from his loved ones is surely helping Brand stay strong.

In conclusion, Russell Brand firmly denies the “very serious criminal” allegations that have been made against him. He has expressed his concerns and plans to investigate the matter further. While the allegations are set to be made public in the upcoming Dispatches documentary, Brand maintains his innocence. The support he has received from his family and loved ones is undoubtedly keeping him resilient during this challenging time.


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