Russian soldiers beg the defense minister to assist them in leaving Ukraine


Russian soldiers who are being held captive in Ukraine have begged their defense minister for assistance.

One of the 200 people who were trapped sent General Sergei Shoigu a video message on social media claiming that they had been “abandoned.”

Russian soldiers surrounded in Ukraine have begged their defence minister to help them escape


The serviceman, who had his face covered, said: “The circumstance is extremely trying.

I’m hoping you’ll hear this and figure out a way to let us out.

He said: “We have been left, abandoned.”

He added: “I am now in Kherson.

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In an effort to retake the southern city of Kherson, Ukraine blew up a bridge on July 27, cutting off his brigade.

I sincerely hope Shoigu hears me and can find a way for us to escape.

For more than a week, the Russian unit has been imprisoned on the western bank of the river.


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