Rwanda’s plan’s success or failure won’t be known until flights begin.

Defy the ECHR

For an anonymous judge in Strasbourg to veto the Rwandan migrant plan at the last minute last year was a sickening and undemocratic outrage.

Proponents of open borders in the Labour Party, who mistakenly label all migrants arriving by small boat as “refugees,” encouraged left-wing human rights lawyers to petition that nameless meddler.


Ever since, that ECHR ruling has enabled Labour to claim the Rwanda deterrent they hate has “failed” . . . Despite the fact that it baffles us, they keep recycling the same old nonsense.

A child can see through it.

When flights are finally cleared to take off, we will know for sure if this scheme, which was approved by our High Court, is effective or not.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman believes we can expect less interference from European Court of Human Rights judges thanks to Rishi Sunak’s new Illegal Migration Bill.

Wow, that’s fantastic news. And yet, why hadn’t we confronted them before now?

We refused to grant prisoners the franchise despite the European Court of Human Rights’ insistence that we do so for many years.

Why didn’t we go against its will on this as we do with so many of its other rules?

Boris in dock

How impartial are the seven members of parliament who will be voting on Boris Johnson this week? Leave it alone.

We can only pray that they realize the gravity of the choice before them.

Boris Johnson will give evidence in his defence over Partygate


If he is found guilty, he may be forced out of Parliament on their authority.

They need to be totally objective. This time they better be right.

They must be certain that Boris understood that his occasional wine breaks with his No10 ­colleagues during Covid were in violation of lockdown regulations.

The committee must be confident that Boris knew his advisers were wrong and that he lied to parliament about following the rules anyway.

How can they know that?

Some of the committee members have clearly ­prejudged his guilt, as evidenced by their scathing initial report.

No amount of defense from Boris will sway Harriet ­Harman of Labour.

But MPs’ standing is at rock-bottom.

It will never recover if the millions of voters who still support Boris believe he was framed by a kangaroo court.

Joke justice

It’s shocking that Jack Shepherd, the speedboat killer, has been treated so lightly.

That Charlotte Brown died due to his drunken carelessness is only part of the story.

The leniency towards speedboat killer Jack Shepherd is scandalous


In spite of being out on bail, he was eventually caught in another country and extradited for bottling a bartender.

A woman is dead, and a man is severely injured, all because of a cowardly thug who stuck his nose up at the law.

US Air Force's secret probe into 'alien who made witness pancakes' revealed
Casey Anthony got mystery calls while Caylee was missing, roommate says

The irony is that he will serve less than half of his laughable sentence before being released.

No wonder Charlotte’s family despair.


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