Sadly, Taco Bell is discontinuing three menu items. Find out the final day to order them.


There are only a few days left for customers to enjoy a popular TACO Bell menu item before it is permanently removed.

A menu staple that has been available for decades was removed from the fast food chain’s offerings on March 16.


Many customers were dismayed by recent Taco Bell statements.

Disappointed fans have taken to social media to vent their anger.

One user of Twitter pleaded with the chain to “do better” by tweeting, “Do better @tacobell no one cares about the new items in its place, we just want a damn Quesarito.”


On April 19, the Quesarito will be taken off menus across the country, so hungry fans had better eat up.

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It’s ending its run after nearly ten years on the market.

In 2014, the world was introduced to the Quesarito, which consists of a burrito inside of a quesadilla.

The eatery has not said why the dish is being taken off the menu or when it might be reinstated.

There have been other popular foods that have been taken off the market for quite some time besides the Quesarito.


In contrast to its successor, the Quesarito, the Enchirito was popular until 2013.

A hybrid of a burrito and an enchilada, the Enchirito combines the best of both worlds.

Customers could order their tortillas smothered in enchilada sauce and melted cheese and stuffed with their choice of taco meat, steak, or chicken, pinto beans, diced onions, and cheddar cheese.

This dish made its debut in the 1970s and remained a regular offering well into the 1990s.

In the early 2000s, it made a comeback and remained until 2013.


A tortilla filled with chocolate, folded in half, and heated until the chocolate melted wasn’t much, but it was definitely something to remember.

There weren’t many iterations of the dish offered during its brief run on the menu.

Customers could customize their order by selecting whether to include Kit Kat or Twix pieces inside in addition to on top.


Taco Bell opened a groundbreaking, ultra-modern restaurant in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, on June 7, 2022.

Taco Bell Defy is a chain owned and operated by Border Foods.

Border Foods is dedicated to making the industry better, CEO and co-founder Lee Engler told Axios.

According to Engler, “we believe that it is the first one of its kind, certainly in the United States and we think maybe throughout the world,” in terms of how the food is transported from the kitchen to the customer.

To expedite mobile and delivery orders, the drive-thru has three lanes.

The conventional drive-thru will continue to operate in the fourth lane.

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