Samantha Carmona receives a $100K cash prize after winning the fifth season of the Netflix show “The Circle”


Spoilers for ‘The Circle’ Season 5

Manchester, United Kingdom: The finale of Season 5 of “The Circle” has just begun, and the new champion has been announced. Viewers were astounded by the surprises the series had in store for them as the contestants gathered for the final time. One finalist has been named the winner out of the five others. Additionally, the winner of that contest received the coveted $100,000 cash prize!

While many viewers were trying to predict whether Raven Sutton or Chaz Lawery would win Season 5 of the reality TV game show, the underdog of this season was the mysterious makeup artist Samantha Carmona (also known as “Sam”). Sam, a native of Brooklyn, began the game at the bottom of the “most popular” list, but she quickly rose to the top thanks to sheer grit and an unwavering commitment to showing off her “true self.”

‘The Circle’ Season 5: Chaz Lawery rejects Oliver Twixt after questioning the intentions of the flirtatious musician

Samantha “Sam” Carmona advances after forming an alliance with Chaz Lawery in “The Circle” season 5.

Samantha' Sam' Carmona in 'The Circle' Season 5 (Netflix)

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