Sanam, the winner of Love Island, opens up about the touching welcome home present she received and the name she has chosen for herself.


The winner of LOVE Island 2023, Sanam Harrinanan, has shared a touching homecoming gift she received from the show’s cast.

Kai Fagan and Sanam, a newlywed couple, won the show and £50,000 by defeating Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins.


The 24-year-old social worker from Bedford won the show alongside beau Kai


Sanam has since gotten back to her house and shown off a cute present she got.

A picture of the Bedford, New Jersey, social worker, now 24 years old, was placed in a frame and given as a gift.

In the photo, Sanam can be seen beaming while she is being interviewed on the show. The caption reads, “The nations princess,” and then the date.

An emotional Favorite Reality Star wrote, “Usually don’t feel like I should be called this but the fact this was trending at one point actually melts my heart.

“I literally love everyone who said this.”

After their victory, Kai said from South Africa, “Honestly, I think we’re both so shook.”

Sanam continued, “I can’t believe it. I’m so shocked. To everyone who has supported us and voted for us, I am truly grateful. I’d give you all a hug if I could. My heart is so full of love.

As the conversation came to a close, Kai said, “I can’t comprehend it, it’s mad. If you voted for us, we appreciate it. “I really can’t express how grateful I am.

On day 29 of the show, as part of the infamous Casa Amor twist, bombshell Sanam entered the ITV2 villa in South Africa, where the two were introduced.

Their chemistry was instantaneous, and the public went crazy for them. They ended up with 40% of the vote and £50,000.

They’ve introduced their families and announced their intention to live together.

Family and friends have been waiting for them in a huge hall ever since they got back to celebrate their historic victory.

To celebrate their return, the couple posed for photos beneath a huge balloon arch decorated with Love Island-themed colors and writing.

In his final interview with the show, Kai said he plans to soon ask Sanam to be his girlfriend.

A quote from his declaration: “I’ve made it pretty clear that she is definitely going to be my girlfriend on the outside!

“The real work begins once we get out here.”

Kai has vowed to make Sanam his girlfriend



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