Scientists express concern that the widespread use of AI brain chips will transform humanity into a “hive mind,” where individual consciousness is replaced by “cogs in a robot machine.”


Some researchers have speculated that in the future, people will function primarily as cogs in a vast machine.

According to a recent article in The Conversation, futurists predict that AI and brain chips will fundamentally alter human existence.


The introduction of truly intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) has been predicted by some to revolutionize society.

Bots like ChatGPT are already making people nervous about their futures in certain industries.

Elon Musk, a tech billionaire, is attempting to get the FDA to green light human trials of his Neuralink brain chips.

Some researchers argue that eventually humans and AI will merge rather than compete.

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A theory by futurist and ex-Google engineer Ray Kurzweil is mentioned in The Conversation.

He writes in his book How to Create a Mind that by 2045, humans will need AI to survive.

One day, the futurist predicts, we will reach a “singularity” with machines in which we combine human and artificial intelligence.

The report goes on to say that the consequences of this “singularity” could lead to a “hive-mind” society.

Neuroscientist Giulio Tononi has predicted that one day all information will be combined with human consciousness.

Author of Galileo’s Error, philosopher Philip Goff reportedly holds this view: “Brains would cease to be conscious in their own right and instead become mere cogs in the mega-conscious entity that is the society including its internet-based connectivity.”

The effects of such an event on people’s unique identities would be profound.

But there are also experts who believe AI will be beneficial to humanity rather than a threat.

Jack Vernon, a senior research analyst at IDC and an expert in AI, has previously discussed this with The U.S. Sun.

He disregarded claims that artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually supplant or otherwise overwhelm humans.

When asked how the rise of AI would compare to other technological shifts, Vernon cited the advent of automobiles.

To elaborate, he said, “We’ve gone through big transitions in the labor market before.

Similar to the transition from horses to automobiles. As things stand, the automobile industry is responsible for the employment of many more people than the use of horses was.

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Despite popular belief, many more jobs could be created as a direct result of ChatGPT than were lost. It’s not easy to spot something like that.

In the near future, employment opportunities may disappear. It has the potential to greatly simplify matters for many people.


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