Seahawks Enticed to Pursue 23-Year-Old Quarterback as ‘Promising Future Successor’ – Igniting Hopes of a Stellar Replacement


The Seattle Seahawks and the Future of Geno Smith: Potential Moves and Draft Targets

The Seattle Seahawks are entering their second year with quarterback Geno Smith, who signed a lucrative three-year, $75 million contract in the offseason. While Smith has shown flashes of potential, there are doubts about whether he is the long-term solution for the team. Bleacher Report suggests that the Seahawks should consider targeting Washington star quarterback Michael Penix Jr. in the 2024 NFL draft to secure a future playmaker in Seattle.

The Importance of Finding Smith’s Eventual Replacement

Geno Smith’s recent performance has brought into question his ability to be the Seahawks’ quarterback of the future. Despite a slightly better Week 2 performance, the team needs to explore other options in the upcoming draft. Fortunately, they may not have to look too far for Smith’s eventual replacement. Michael Penix Jr., the talented quarterback from Washington, offers a strong arm and the ability to fit well into the Seahawks’ offensive scheme.

Penix’s Value in the 2024 NFL Draft

What makes Michael Penix Jr. an intriguing target is the fact that he may not be a lock to be selected in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft. This gives the Seahawks a potential opportunity to draft him and have him sit behind Smith, allowing him to develop and grow before taking over the reins. While USC’s Caleb Williams and North Carolina’s Drake Maye are the frontrunners for the top two quarterback spots, Penix will be in contention for the third spot along with other notable prospects like Duke’s Riley Leonard, Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy, and Colorado’s Shedeur Sanders.

Pete Carroll’s Endorsement of Penix as an NFL Prospect

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has already expressed his admiration for Penix’s skills as a quarterback. In an interview in November 2022, Carroll described Penix as “really impressive,” praising his poise, strength, and accuracy. Carroll holds the belief that Penix will undoubtedly find success in the NFL, stating that there should be “no doubt” about his future in the league.

Penix’s Role Models: Teddy Bridgewater and Tom Brady

Penix has shown admiration for NFL quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater and Tom Brady. Growing up in Tampa, Florida, Penix was particularly drawn to Bridgewater’s game and has remained a fan despite the challenges Bridgewater has faced in his career. Penix also acknowledges Tom Brady’s status as the greatest of all time and enjoys watching him play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As the Seahawks weigh their options for the future, they may once again have the opportunity to pass on selecting a quarterback in the 2024 draft. However, given the potential and talent of Michael Penix Jr., they could opt for him as a valuable addition to the team. With his impressive performances for Washington and the endorsement of Pete Carroll, Penix could be the key to securing a promising future for the Seattle Seahawks.


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