Season 17 of ‘America’s Got Talent’: One Audience Member Recounts Her Live Audition of Madison Taylor Baez


Madison Taylor Baez, an audience member from Season 17 of America’s Got Talent, won Howie Mandel’s golden buzzer in episode 2 in an unusual turn of events. The 11-year-old girl was not planted, according to reports from another audience member at the NBC show taping. Madison Taylor got on stage without having to wait in line to audition for America’s Got Talent Season 17?

‘AGT’ Season 17 Episode 2 Madison Taylor recap

Take a look at the video below to see what happened on NBC’s America’s Got Talent Season 17 Episode 2.

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Terry Crews had met Madison “Maddie” Taylor Baez the day before the auditions were taped. He positioned her in the audience in the hopes that the judges would notice her. The crew then hosted a sing-off during a commercial break, inviting viewers to participate. When Maddie belted out “Amazing Grace,” her voice caught the judges’ attention.

Maddie was asked to take the stage and was quizzed. The young girl then performed in front of the judges, wowing them. As Simon Cowell and Howie spoke to her, she broke down in tears. Then she talked about her father’s colon cancer, which has progressed to stage four. Howie pressed the buzzer, and gold confetti rained down on Maddie as the audience chanted, “Golden Buzzer.”

Who is Madison Taylor Baez of ‘America’s Got Talent’?

Howie Mandel uses his golden buzzer to send Madison “Maddie” Taylor Baez to the live show in America’s Got Talent Season 17 Episode 2 of auditions. Maddie is a talented singer and actor who is 11 years old. Young Selena Quintanilla was her character on Netflix’s Selena: The Series. She’s also in a new Showtime series called Let The Right One In, according to her Instagram. At multiple major league sporting events, the rising Latinx star sang the National Anthem. In 2021, she was also a contestant on Fox’s Game of Talents.

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Is Madison Taylor Baez an ‘America’s Got Talent’ audience member?

Madison Taylor’s performance at the America’s Got Talent Season 17 taping, according to one audience member, stood out among the other acts they saw. The audience member believed she was a genuine member of the audience who took part in the “sing-off,” which occurs frequently between performances.

“Simon and a producer went over to her and her father for approval before she could ‘enter’ the competition and sing on stage,” the Redditor wrote. “It took a long time between her being in the audience and her performing on stage, like 20 minutes.” I also noticed a producer going over paperwork with her and her father in the lobby of the theater shortly after the golden buzzer.”

When other fans expressed their displeasure with the audience member, the Redditor persisted in explaining what happened during the AGT taping. Madison Taylor Beaz was not an audience plant for the Season 17 Episode 2 auditions of America’s Got Talent, according to them.

“I’d honestly be surprised if it was [a planted performer],” the fan continued, “especially given the whole approval ordeal we had to go through and the paperwork in the lobby.” As I previously stated, aspiring actors/singers/social media users are frequently seen at the show. Furthermore, according to the crew and cast members I’ve spoken with on the show, the judges have no idea who will be performing next. They’re only given their name, age, and, I believe, a few questions to ask the act. This information is written on a piece of paper given to the judges before each act. (However, this was not the case with Maddie.)”

Despite Terry Crews’ explanation that he placed Maddie in the audience in secret, it appears that they were just as surprised as the judges.

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