Season 4 finale of “Good Trouble”: Davia and Dennis Take a Big Step and Isabella Changes Her Mind

Good Trouble is back for the season 4 finale on Freeform. Dennis and Davia, as well as the birth of Isabella’s child, were the subjects of two of the plot lines. Here is what transpired on the show last time.

There will be spoilers for Episode 18 of Season 4 of Good Trouble.

Davia and Dennis take a big step

Asher wants to stay in his relationship with Davia, but she tells him it wouldn’t work because his ex-wife is living with him, so their relationship ends when his ex-wife shows up at the house and declares she’s “back for good.” Davia is aware that Asher is lying when he claims that his marriage is over. While you’re still sharing a home with someone, nothing is truly over, she claims.

Dennis’ relationship with Ryan reaches a turning point. Ryan at first didn’t mind spending the night at The Coterie. She eventually grew weary of sharing housing, though. Dennis is invited to live with Ryan. He is informed by her that she is “too old” to live with others.

Because the members of The Coterie are like his family, Dennis explains to her that he isn’t prepared to leave. Ryan understands that Dennis is still in love with Davia and isn’t prepared to leave.

After seeing Isabella’s child be born, Davia and Dennis have a heart-to-heart. When Dennis asks Davia if she wants kids, she responds that it depends on who she is dating. This prompts Davia to inquire about Ryan’s situation. Ryan asked Dennis to move in with her, Dennis tells her. He replies that he didn’t accept Davia’s invitation when she asks if he did. Then he informed her of their breakup.

Davia breaks down in tears and tells him she can no longer suppress her emotions. She responds that she loves him when Dennis asks why she was happy he dumped Ryan. Then he confesses that he also loves her.

Isabella has a change of heart

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Gael and Isabella are in a challenging circumstance. It was Isabella’s intention to place her child for adoption. The infant deserves two parents, according to Isabella, but Gael wants to raise the child alone. Gael finds the ideal solution, or so he thought. He informs Isabella that his sister Jasmine and her husband are eligible to adopt the child.

Gael believes that having his sister and her husband take over will allow him to continue being involved in the baby’s life and give the child three adults to care for her. Gael’s sister and brother-in-law can adopt the child, according to Isabella, who supports the plan.

Isabella experiences labor a few days later. Gael delivers the baby because she was unable to arrive at the hospital in time. Isabella begins to bond with her daughter as soon as she sees her.

Gael informs Isabella that his sister and brother-in-law will be visiting to meet the newborn. Isabella informs Gael that she had changed her mind while holding her child. She is opposed to placing the child for adoption.

Our take

It’s encouraging to see Davia and Dennis finally express their love for one another. We hope that this signals that they will continue to develop their relationship.

Even though Isabella (Priscilla Quintana) has the right to change her mind, the situation for Jasmine and her husband is heartbreaking. This will be a hard pill for them to swallow because they really want to start a family. They should be able to forget Isabella and adopt a new child, hopefully.

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