Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’: Joseph Quinn Was Concerned the Duffer Brothers’ Casting Mistake


Actor Joseph Quinn is the newest addition to Stranger Things Season 4’s cast. The actor has had a long and illustrious career, but his role as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 4 helped him gain global fame and a fan base. The leader of Hellfire Club, a leather-clad metalhead, is a welcome addition. Quinn, on the other hand, was concerned that he wasn’t up to the task.

[Warning: This article contains Stranger Things 4 Volume I spoilers.]

In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4, Eddie Munson is a charming and lovable rocker.

Mike and Dustin have not abandoned their love for Dungeons & Dragons as they enter high school. They’ve now joined Eddie Munson’s Hellfire Club. The character represents the stereotypical metalhead who is despised by jocks and the “in crowd.” But there’s a nice guy underneath the leather jacket.

When he tries to help Chrissy Cunningham with her unknowingly caused Vecna-caused ailments, his story takes an unexpected turn. Eddie witnesses the heinous manner in which he murders firsthand. Eddie flees, fearful of being held responsible for her death. Dustin, Max, Steve, and Robin eventually locate him.

Eddie quickly learns about the darkness and evil that infests Hawkins thanks to the Upside Down. Inspire by D&D, he also learns about Vecna. Eddie proves to be a valuable character in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume I, and fans hope to see more of him, but Quinn wasn’t sure he was cut out for the part at first.

Before being cast in Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things,’ Joseph Quinn met the Duffer brothers.

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Quinn’s career as an actor is still in the early stages. In the BBC One series Dickensian, he played Arthur Havisham. The actor also made a cameo in Game of Thrones, but his role in BBC One’s Les Misérables earned him fame.

Before auditioning for Stranger Things, the actor admitted to Inverse that he was a fan. “I saw it and thought it was brilliant, charming, and unique,” the actor said. Quinn sent in two tapes and met with the Duffer brothers as part of his audition for the role of Eddie on Stranger Things Season 4.

He was quickly offered the part, but he was concerned that he was not the best fit. “The fact that they just offered it to me was very disarming, and it made me increasingly paranoid throughout the job that they’d make a mistake,” Quinn said.

Eddie Munson has proven to be a popular addition to the series, with fans adoring him. Quinn’s understated comedic tone and the sweet smile he flashed on the screen were adored by fans.

On set, the actor experienced love, which washed away his concerns about his part.

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Participating in a major television show is fraught with risk. Quinn admitted it was difficult for him to adopt an American accent for his character. Instead of turning off the accent, he kept it on, making him sound like a “sociopath.”

Quinn’s concerns about playing Eddie in Season 4 of Stranger Things were unfounded. On set, the actor praises the cast’s friendship and love. “A lovely, warm, crazy environment” was created for filming the season.

The actor explains that he felt a strong bond with the rest of the cast because they had worked together since the beginning and had shared their meteoric rise to fame. Quinn had no trouble fitting into his role and blending in with the rest of the cast. “Life will stay the same, but I will have been in something that people love,” he says, explaining that his fears about joining a grand series are no longer an issue. That’s a beautiful thing you’ve done.”

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