Shannen Doherty Emotionally Overwhelmed in Heartwarming ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Reunion at 90s Con, Sharing Inspiring Cancer Journey Update


Shannen Doherty Receives Emotional Standing Ovation at 90s Con: A Powerful Moment Amid Cancer Battle

Shannen Doherty, beloved actress and star of Beverly Hills, 90210, was greeted with a heartwarming standing ovation during a reunion panel at 90s Con on Sunday, Sep. 17. The 52-year-old actress joined her fellow cast members from the iconic drama series, and towards the end of the panel, she courageously opened up about her ongoing battle with stage 4 breast cancer. The crowd rose to their feet, showering Shannen with love and support, as she tearfully expressed her gratitude. This emotional moment further highlighted Shannen’s resilience and the strength she possesses in her fight against cancer.

Shannen’s Touching Words of Gratitude

As the audience rose to show their love and support, Shannen couldn’t hold back her tears of gratitude. With a heartfelt smile on her face, she addressed the crowd, saying, “You guys know how much I love crying constantly. And I do, it seems. So, thank you.” Her emotional words struck a chord with everyone present, highlighting the immense impact that Shannen has made in their lives. Despite the challenges she faces in her daily battle with cancer, Shannen’s determination shines through, and she expressed her own belief in her strength, stating, “I have a fight for my life, that I deal with every day. I think I am really great.”

A Long-Standing Battle

Shannen first revealed her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, a moment that shook her fans across the world. However, after undergoing treatments and showing remarkable resilience, she announced two years later that she was in remission. Unfortunately, her cancer returned in 2020, progressing to stage 4. Shannen bravely disclosed that the cancer had spread to her brain in June, making her fight even more challenging. Despite these setbacks, Shannen’s unwavering spirit continues to inspire and uplift those around her.

Words of Encouragement from Co-Stars

Shannen’s former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star, Brian Austin Green, recently shared an update on her battle with cancer during an interview with E! News. He expressed his admiration for Shannen’s resilience, stating, “She’s resilient. I mean, if anybody that I know is going to have to deal with what she’s dealing with, she’s the one that can get through it.” Brian’s words echoed the sentiments felt by all who know Shannen, highlighting her strength and determination in the face of adversity.

Looking Ahead: Sharing Stories Through a Podcast

During the 90s Con panel, Shannen excitedly announced that she would be launching her own podcast. Titled “Let’s Be Clear,” the podcast will serve as a live interactive memoir, enabling fans to hear the stories she has refused to share before. Shannen aims to create a platform where she can authentically spill the tea from her life, sharing both the ups and downs in her characteristic delightful manner.

Light-hearted Moments at 90s Con

In addition to addressing her cancer battle and podcast, Shannen also lightened the mood by joking about her divorce from Kurt Iswarienko. With her trademark humor, she quipped, “My other profession is getting engaged, married, and divorced, and I’m doing that very well.” This lighthearted moment brought a smile to the faces of the audience, showcasing Shannen’s ability to find humor even during challenging times.

Conclusion: An Inspiring Moment of Strength and Gratitude

The standing ovation that Shannen Doherty received at 90s Con was a powerful testament to the impact she has made on her fans and fellow actors alike. Her open and honest discussion about her ongoing battle with stage 4 breast cancer showcased her strength and resilience, inspiring all those who struggle with similar challenges. Through her podcast and candid storytelling, Shannen continues to uplift and encourage others, proving that even in the darkest moments, we can find light. Shannen Doherty’s bravery and unyielding spirit serve as an inspiration to us all.


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