“Shark Tank” Season 15: Social media blasts Pick-Up Brick’s creators for copying Suck It from The Office


Los Angeles, California: Pick-Up Bricks, a company featured on a recent episode of ‘Shark Tank’, has been making waves with its innovative vacuum designed specifically to help children tidy up Lego pieces. This flagship product has drawn comparisons to ‘Suck It’, a concept from the popular TV show ‘The Office’, and has garnered attention both for its practical use and its viral success on social media platforms like TikTok.

The founders of Pick-Up Bricks, Aurora Weinstock and her brother-in-law, Steven Weinstock, were inspired to create the vacuum after brainstorming ways to encourage their own children to clean up after playtime. They noticed the universal experience of stepping on a Lego barefoot and sought to provide a solution for this common inconvenience. The vacuum not only serves a practical purpose but is also designed to seamlessly integrate into children’s Lego-building activities, making it a fun and motivational tool for tidying up.

The company initially gained visibility through a viral TikTok video by a mother blogger, LaTreese Atkins, that showcased the functionality of the Pick-Up Bricks vacuum. This exposure led to widespread interest in the product and the subsequent appearance on ‘Shark Tank’, where the company made its television debut.

Despite drawing comparisons to the fictional ‘Suck It’ from ‘The Office’, Pick-Up Bricks has developed a loyal customer base with its commitment to affordability and sustainability. The company offers accessories and replacement parts for its vacuum, ensuring that minor faults or wear and tear do not require purchasing an entirely new product.

While the ‘Shark Tank’ appearance has brought Pick-Up Bricks into the spotlight, the company has previously been featured in media coverage, including a segment on ‘The Today Show’, where the product garnered interest and positive feedback.

As ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15 continues to showcase innovative products and entrepreneurial ventures, viewers can explore past episodes and keep an eye out for upcoming entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on the business world. Whether it’s the unique vacuum from Pick-Up Bricks or other groundbreaking products, the show continues to highlight the creativity and innovation of aspiring business owners.

In closing, while Pick-Up Bricks has faced comparisons and critiques, its journey from viral sensation to ‘Shark Tank’ contestant reflects the power of innovative ideas and the potential for success in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. Whether the company will secure a deal remains to be seen, but its visibility and impact are undeniable.

So, as viewers tune in to ‘Shark Tank’ and witness the pitches of rising entrepreneurs, they may find themselves inspired by the innovative products and passionate individuals striving to make their mark in the business world. Whether it’s a toy vacuum or another groundbreaking invention, the show continues to provide a platform for entrepreneurial dreams to become a reality.


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