Sheila Bellush was brutally murdered in front of her four newborn children. Her body was discovered with blood all over the house.


Authorities were called to a gruesome scene after discovering a mother’s murdered body and her four infant quadruplets covered in her blood.

On November 7, 1997, a 13-year-old girl called 911 to report that she had found her mother dead in their Florida residence.


Her ex-husband, Allen Blackthorne arranged a murder-for-hire plot in order to regain custody of his two daughters


The murder of Sheila Bellush, a mother of quadruplets aged 2 years old, is featured in the first episode of the new true crime series Blood & Money.

It’s from Dick Wolf, who also created the original Law & Order, so you know it’s going to have all the same great qualities as the original, right down to the trademark “dun dun” sound.

The seventh episode of Blood & Money premiered on March 7. Unlike Law & Order, it focuses on actual crimes committed by killers driven by greed and financial gain.

Sheila Bellush, 35, and her second husband, Jamie Bellush, are famous as “Quad Mom” because they had quadruplets.

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When the man who shot and stabbed her entered the house, she was caring for her young children.

Later that day, when her daughter returned home from school, she discovered her mother’s body.

The teen was overheard sobbing, “My mom is dead,” by the St. It was reported in the St. Petersburg Times. “Her neck is slashed and there’s blood all over the phone.”

Authorities were still trying to piece together the motive for the attack despite initial evidence pointing to Jose Luis Del Toro as the killer.

The murderer was revealed to be millionaire Allen Blackthorne, Bellush’s ex-husband and the father of her two eldest children.

Officials determined that Blackthorne’s death was precipitated by her anger over a custody dispute with Bellush.

Blackthorne allegedly offered $54,000 to have Bellush killed, plus an additional bonus if he was able to win back custody of his two daughters, who had been adopted by his ex-wife’s new husband.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Del Toro pleaded guilty to charges of murder and burglary.

He was sentenced to two life sentences.

According to ABC News, Blackthorne was found guilty on charges of interstate domestic violence and conspiracy to commit murder for hire.

At age 59, he passed away in prison in the fall of 2014.

After it was discovered that Daniel Rocha and Samuel Gonzales had planned Bellush’s murder, they too were convicted.

On the day that Rocha’s mother was murdered, she and Blackthorne had gone golfing together.

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This is not a pretty case, federal prosecutor John Murphy said at the time.

One of the characters says, “It involves an ugly divorce, an ugly relationship, and a horrible killing.”

Blackthorn hired Jose Luis del Toro to commit the murder


Blackthorn died in prison in 2014



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