Shocking Claim by Ex Reality TV Celeb: Jim Bob Duggar Allegedly Urged Derick Dillard to Seek Desperate Rehab


Jill Duggar’s strained relationship with her father, Jim Bob Duggar, didn’t stop him from interfering in her family’s life. In her recent memoir, “Counting the Cost,” Jill opens up about the controlling and manipulative behavior she and her husband, Derick Dillard, experienced at the hands of her father. One shocking revelation was Jim Bob’s suggestion that Derick needed rehab for his alcohol consumption, despite there being no evidence of a problem.

The Rift Between Jill Dillard and the Duggar Family

Since 2017, speculation has been rife among Duggar family followers about the strained relationship between Jill Dillard and her famous family. Derick Dillard confirmed the existence of a family rift in 2020, which prompted Jill to speak out about her experiences. In her memoir, “Counting the Cost,” Jill lays bare the ways in which her father, Jim Bob Duggar, controlled and manipulated his children for his own financial gain.

Jim Bob Duggar’s Offer of Rehab for Derick Dillard

According to Jill’s account in her memoir, Jim Bob Duggar went to extreme lengths in his attempts to control the lives of his children. When he discovered that Derick Dillard had enjoyed an alcoholic beverage, he immediately jumped to conclusions and offered to send him to rehab for his supposed “alcoholism.” However, there was no evidence to support this claim, as Derick had never overindulged and had never been drunk.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar appear together on ‘Today’

Derick Dillard’s Response to Jim Bob’s Offer of Rehab

Jill clarified that Derick Dillard had never struggled with alcohol and had no need for rehab. He declined Jim Bob’s offer and pointed out the inconsistency of his father-in-law’s response. While he focused on Derick’s alleged alcohol consumption, he conveniently ignored Jill’s own enjoyment of an alcoholic drink in a recent social media post.

The Rehab Facility and Josh Duggar’s Treatment

The rehab facility that Jim Bob suggested for Derick’s alleged issues with alcohol was the same facility where his eldest son, Joshua Duggar, received treatment in 2015 for his addiction to pornography. The facility, located in Rockford, Illinois, is a faith-based “recovery ministry.”

Alcohol Consumption in the Duggar Family

The ultra-conservative Christian ministry followed by the Duggar family strongly denounces drinking alcohol. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar abstain, it appears that not all of their children share the same view. Jill and Derick Dillard enjoy the occasional drink, as does Amy Duggar King, a cousin of the Duggar family. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo also seem to have a more relaxed attitude towards alcohol, although Jinger herself doesn’t drink. Jessa and Ben Seewald, on the other hand, appear to abstain, as evidenced by their choice to order virgin cocktails during a recent getaway.

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