shocking photo: ‘Granny dumping’ family leaves elderly woman at the side of the road in a cardboard box.


Granny dumping is the sickening practice of heartlessly leaving elderly relatives on the side of the road.

The elderly woman was discovered in Mexico next to a highway, enclosed in a cardboard box without any food or water.

The granny was tragically abandoned at the side of the road in cardboard box in Puebla, Mexico


'Granny dumping' is tragically carried out around the world


Outrage was generated by the cruel act after neighbors were compelled to call for assistance in saving the elderly, frail woman.

She was discovered by shocked locals in Puebla, Mexico, who had spotted the elderly woman wandering around the neighborhood.

The DIF Municipal System authorities were contacted to assist the pensioner in finding a place to live.

She acknowledged that her own family had abandoned her while she was in the custody of the authorities.

Tragically, this is far from being an isolated instance of this.

Every year, families all over the world engage in a practice known as “granny dumping” by abandoning their elderly relatives.

After an American dementia patient was flown to the UK and left in a parking lot, a British man was detained in 2018.

When Roger Curry, 76, was discovered outside a Hereford bus station without identification and unable to recall his name, the case perplexed police and prompted a global appeal.

Surprisingly, in the US, family members “dump” about 100,000 elderly relatives annually.

The sickening phenomenon typicаlly results from fаmilies being unаble or unwilling to provide for their elderly relаtives.


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