Shoppers at Walmart are stocking up on a Starbucks best-seller that rings up at the register for only $3.50, despite its popularity.


Customers in search of this deal are flocking to Walmart to stock up on a fan-favorite Starbucks product that is currently scanning at an absurdly low price.

More than 8,000 of @CouponMom7’s TikTok fans benefit from her recommendations of the best Walmart sales.


These Starbucks cups were ringing up for $3.50 compared to the original price of $13.98


She recently posted a video in which she exposed a hidden clearance item with a 75% price reduction.

She announced, “Okay, guys, I’m at Walmart, and look at this,” pointing to a display of Starbucks cups containing cold brew samples for $13.98.

However, the sign indicated that a mug of hot cocoa from Starbucks would cost you $6.98.

The cups normally cost $13.98 each, but according to Twitter user @CouponMom7, they only cost $3.50 at the Walmart near her house.

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The user said in her comment that her local Walmart is in Illinois.

“So if you want Starbucks cups and see this price, check out your local Walmart,” she suggested.

“It might even actually be cheaper.”

One of her readers confirmed her suspicion by reporting paying only $1.75 for the cup.

The cups are still listed at $13.98 on the website, so this must be a store-specific promotion.

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The deal only appears to be available in-store



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