Sienna Miller made a ’90s accessory cool, but the public is divided on whether or not it will make a comeback.


There’s no denying the Noughties had some seriously dubious fashion, from velour tracksuits to baker boy caps.

But after showcasing her most recent purchase—the iconic low-hung disc belt—one fashion enthusiast, posting under the handle @thesolontwinss, has sparked controversy.


Sienna Miller rocked various styles of the thick, low-hung belt


Although Shakira, Girls Aloud, and even Victoria Beckham were fans of the contentious accessory in the past, people aren’t sure how they feel about it making a comeback.

The fashionista is seen wearing the accessory with light blue denim jeans and a cropped vest top in a video uploaded to TikTok.

When she found this belt at a thrift store a month ago, she says, “I hadn’t seen any girls wear them since the 00s, but yesterday, [social media influencer] India Love posted the exact same belt.”

“At least I know I’m ahead of fashion trends,” the TikToker wrote as the caption for the video.

Since then, the video has gained enormous popularity, garnering 832,000 views and hundreds of polarizing comments.

“Very Shakira. I like it!” wrote one.

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“I saw and screamed like that was my belt in high school,” another joked.

Another person remarked, “I miss those belts! You look good in it.

A fourth person added, “I have that belt too. Gather, thrifty ladies.

Another penned: “Omg my mom had one of these lol.”

I’m living for thеsе comеbacks, onе morе said.

Othеrs, on thе othеr hand, wеrеn’t quitе surе about thе Noughtiеs trеnds and bеliеvеd thеy should bе lеft in thе past.

Onе pеrson rеmarkеd, “Nеvеr thought I’d sее thе day this bеlt camе back into fashion.

A sеcond wrotе: “Chеlsеa comе on nowww.”

And a furthеr admittеd: “I’d bе soooo mad!”

Destiny’s Child were also fans of the iconic Noughties disc belt. Pictured in 2001 at the Radio Music Awards



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