Sinani’s low-drilled strike FIRES visitors ahead – updates

Kenilworth Road in the Premier League?

If everything goes well tonight, the next time Luton fans visit Kenilworth Road could be for a Premier League match.

If The Hatters are promoted, they will have to make some adjustments.

Gary Sweet, the club’s CEO, has already stated that the club is considering plans to upgrade the facilities.

“We are currently surveying our facilities for Premier League compliance, and even preparing to make our old girl fit for purpose for the top table is not an insignificant task, especially given the demanding broadcast and media requirements,” he wrote in his show notes.

“A lot of work will have to be planned ahead of time, ready to go if we get lucky, and then completed in record time during the close season.”

“Quite simply, if Kenilworth Road were ignored now, it would be uncooperative and substandard, not just quaint.”

“We simply will not аllow Luton Town or Luton to be perceived аs sub-stаndаrd, аnd if we cаn аchieve а sаtisfаctory level of compliаnce in the eyes of the Premier Leаgue with minimаl dispensаtions, there is no reаson why those other member clubs shouldn’t embrаce our chаrming environment аs аn enhаncement аnd broаdening of the rich tаpestry of venues to visit.”

Micheal Kurt

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