Since I am a Latina working at Hooters, I am allowed to dress more casually than my coworkers during a designated week of the summer.


A Latina waitress at Hooters has redefined the term “work uniform.”

The average size of Hooters uniforms is smaller than you might think.


Marlynn (@marlynnxoxo), a TikToker and Hooters server, is allowed to show some skin in a tiny bikini with a blue pattern for one week this summer.

In a video she posted, she was wearing a two-piece suit to work and appearing entirely at ease.

Marlynn’s office antics were popular among her 75,000 followers.

This beautiful young woman with raven hair is just one of more than 17 thousand Hooters girls working in locations all over the globe.

The standard uniform at the Hooters restaurant chain is infamous for being ridiculously small.

Servers must wear brand orange or black tights and shorts that cling to the body.

The Hooters icon is emblazoned across the chest.

However, during bikini week at the chain, waitresses are only required to wear bikinis instead of shorts and shirts.

You could even be featured in the Hooters bikini calendar if you’re one of the lucky few.

Marlynn was so assured in her position that she showed up for work wearing a lot less clothing than was customary.

She wore a miniature red sarong over a black bikini and the standard fare of sneakers and socks.

One of her fans went as far as to say that she looked “Amazing beautiful” in her new bikini.

TikTok @marlynnxoxo

Marlynn’s usual Hooters uniform[/caption]


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