Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Reveals: Robyn Brown Never Sought Her Friendship, Unveiling Unspoken Secrets and Personal Truths


Title: Exploring the Tensions Between Christine and Robyn Brown on ‘Sister Wives’


In the latest episode of the hit TV show ‘Sister Wives,’ Christine Brown candidly revealed her lack of interest in forging a friendship with Robyn Brown, one of Kody Brown’s wives. Despite Robyn’s claims of attempting to establish a bond, Christine dismissed the possibility and stated that she would have rejected her friendship anyway. In this article, we delve into the dynamics between the two wives, their perspectives on friendship, and the current whereabouts of the ‘Sister Wives’ cast.

Understanding Jealousy in Polygamy

Jealousy has been a common theme within the Brown family, even before the spotlight of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives.’ While the family initially presented a united front, the walls quickly crumbled, exposing the complexities of jealousy and friendship among sister wives. As the series progresses into its 18th season, the departed wives are beginning to reflect on crucial moments leading to the disintegration of their plural marriage.

Robyn’s Desire for Friendship

In the September 17th episode, Robyn Brown opened up about her early desires to establish a friendship with Christine. During their time in Las Vegas, Robyn claimed to have made repeated attempts to develop a close bond. However, despite her efforts, she asserted that their connection never flourished.

Christine’s Perspective

Christine Brown, on the other hand, disagreed with Robyn’s recollection of events. She confessed that Robyn did not actively seek a close relationship when she first joined the family. Furthermore, Christine noted that in recent years, during the family’s disputes over COVID-19 safety protocols, Robyn made no effort to foster a friendship. Ultimately, Christine stated that regardless of Robyn’s actions, she would have rejected her friendship due to trust issues and her personal reservations about Robyn.

The Absence of Friendship with Meri

Interestingly, Christine’s lack of interest in forming friendships extends beyond Robyn. In the same episode, she admitted to not being a gracious wife to Meri, Kody’s first estranged wife. Both Meri and Christine do not express any longing for a continued relationship, suggesting that this absence of friendship is not unique to Robyn alone.

Current Whereabouts of the Brown Family

Friendship does not appear to be a priority for most members of the Brown family. Their physical separation ensures they remain apart from each other’s lives. Christine currently resides in Salt Lake City with her fiance, David Woolley, while Meri resides in Parowan, Utah, where she owns and operates a bed and breakfast. Kody and Robyn Brown continue to live in Flagstaff, Arizona, with their five children, while Janelle Brown maintains an apartment in Flagstaff but has spent considerable time in Utah with Christine.


The complicated relationship dynamics within the Brown family offer insight into the challenges of polygamous marriages. Christine Brown’s revelation about rejecting Robyn Brown’s friendship sheds light on the deep-rooted issues that exist among the sister wives. As the ‘Sister Wives’ series continues, fans can anticipate further revelations and developments in the complex lives of the Brown family.

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