Snakes are deadlier than sharks, according to wildlife TV host Steve Backshall.


For claiming that snakes are deadlier than sharks, TV host Steve Backshall has been labeled a fearmonger.

The 48-year-old explorer compiled a top ten list of killer animals, with sharks coming in last with ten human victims per year.


After mosquitoes (725,000), snakes (138,000) were second.

“Just more of the same really plus fearmongering for these other species as well,” a snake catcher in Australia complained on Facebook. Hey, Steve, it’s all about the ratings.”

“You host children’s wildlife shows, be more responsible,” another user suggested.

“This post is pure and simple reporting actual statistics,” Steve, Shark’s host on Sky Nature, said.

“Shark attacks get a lot of press, but the numbers need to be put into context.”

Snake lovers have slammed the TV host for scaremongering


As beachgoers flee for their lives, a massive tiger shark approaches within FEET of them.


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