Sobbin’ Robyn Brown Faces Kody Brown Backlash, Accuses Him of Anger and Provoking Fights


Robyn Brown Opens Up About Relationship Troubles with Kody Brown in Sister Wives Tell-All

After years of being at the center of marital discord on the popular reality show Sister Wives, Robyn Brown tearfully revealed in the tell-all of season 18 the struggles she faces in her relationship with Kody Brown. The emotional conversation with host Sukana Krishnan exposed the inner turmoil within the plural marriage, shedding light on the challenges the couple is currently navigating.

Robyn Brown’s Tearful Confession

During the tell-all, Robyn, often referred to as “Sobbin Robyn” by fans, openly expressed her distress over the difficulties in her marriage to Kody. She described his behavior as self-sabotaging and filled with anger, which has led to frequent conflicts between them. Her candid admission provided viewers with a raw and emotional insight into the struggles faced by the couple.

“What he’s doing is he’s self-sabotaging,” Robyn said. “He’s angry. He tries to [implode].” She continued through tears, “He tries to [sabotage our relationship], and I have to stop him all the time.” This heart-wrenching revelation offered a new perspective on the challenges of maintaining a plural marriage.

Kody Brown’s Shocking Revelation

Adding to the emotional turmoil, Kody Brown disclosed his thoughts of pursuing a relationship outside of his marriage with Robyn. He openly admitted to entertaining the idea but did not act upon it. His confession shed light on the complexity and strain within the plural family dynamic, leaving fans stunned by the unforeseen revelation.

“I thought of myself leaving Robyn and having another lover,” Kody admitted. “What it was is just anger, and I’m embarrassed. So, you get embarrassed, and then you become self-deprecating. It’s like, just bad behavior.” His admission of contemplating infidelity showcased the depth of the challenges faced by the couple, garnering a mix of disbelief and empathy from fans.

Public Reaction & Fan Outrage

The candid revelations in the tell-all sparked intense reactions from fans, who expressed their outrage and disbelief in the comments section of the show’s Facebook post. Many voiced their opinions on the tumultuous situation unfolding within the Brown family, with some expressing anger and disappointment at the revelations. The public response highlighted the impact of the show’s portrayal of real-life struggles and conflicts.

One fan expressed, “His anger caused his three wives and all their children to be estranged from him. That’s not love, that’s power and control,” while another pointed out, “You got what you wanted. The others out, and you’re in.” The passionate and varied responses from fans emphasized the emotional investment and attachment to the show’s portrayal of the Brown family’s challenges.

In conclusion, the emotional tell-all of Sister Wives provided a raw and unfiltered look into the complexities and challenges faced by the Brown family, shedding light on the emotional strain and internal turmoil within the plural marriage. The candid revelations and public reactions underscored the powerful impact of the show’s portrayal of real-life struggles, sparking intense emotions and strong opinions from viewers.


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