Some have warned me that the first few years of my son’s life will be filled with “breastfeeding jokes aplenty” because of the unusual name I chose for him.


One brave parent revealed their child’s name to the world, and the reaction was not positive.

While users on Reddit were amused by the unusual name, they were concerned for the young child’s well-being.


An Instagram pregnancy announcement was shared on Reddit recently by user @SnooBeans0612.

There was a photo of the baby boy and the parents’ caption was captured on screen from their social media post.

A bundle of blankets on the floor held one sleepy newborn.

‘Teeter Brady was born on March 14th, 2023,’ the proud parents proudly proclaimed.

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However, the name “Teeter” itself was more amusing to viewers than the actual photo itself.

Everyone had something to say about the unusual choice of baby name.

Some people laughed at the name because of the clever titles it could finish, while others laughed because of the name itself.

“Harris Teeter,” one individual commented.

Another person chimed in, “Conceived while waiting for their curbside groceries.”

It was predicted that the first few years of this child’s life would be filled with jokes about breastfeeding and teething.

“Picture a 40-year-old a** dude saying his name is Teeter,” one man joked.

An amused Reddit user wondered, “When he starts walking, will he be a Teeter Totter?”

“They can name the next kid Totter,” a follower proclaimed.

Someone who was willing to help explained that “Teeter” was actually the family’s younger brother’s nickname.

There are plenty of other examples of “no-no” names given to baby boys besides Teeter.

Some parents have “unnecessarily complicated” the spelling of their kids’ names by giving them unusual surnames.


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