Steamy Scandal Alert: Angela Deem’s Hidden Truth Revealed? ’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Star Stuns in Lingerie Fashion Show Encounter with Kalani Faagata!


Marathon, Florida is making headlines once again, this time due to a surprising revelation on the popular TLC show ’90 Day: The Last Resort.’ Angela Deem, a cast member on the show, proclaimed herself a lesbian during a Kama Sutra class on the most recent episode. But that’s not all that happened in this eventful episode. Angela also got up close and personal with a sex doll and later tackled Kalani Faagata during a lingerie fashion presentation. Let’s dive into the details of this episode and explore the surprising turn of events.

The episode, which aired on September 18th, focused on the couples participating in a therapy-driven relationship program. During a girl’s night at the resort, the ladies had a hotel room party that raised questions about the long-term effects on their relationships. However, it seems like the hangovers were the only lasting effect from the eventful night.

The highlight of the episode was a lingerie fashion display, organized by Molly Hopkins, the proprietor of a lingerie store. Each of the ladies received the most recent bedroom apparel from Molly, and they decided to put on a fashion show for each other. The atmosphere was light-hearted as they laughed, sipped their drinks, and showcased their favorite undergarments. Angela stood out in a translucent, pink baby doll dress, while Liz wore a brilliant blue two-piece ensemble.

The fashion show took an unexpected turn when Angela announced, “I’m a lesbian,” and playfully tackled Kalani onto the bed. This wasn’t the first time Angela had humorously questioned her sexuality while bonding with her fellow cast members. The moment caused quite a stir among viewers, who took to social media to express their thoughts on Angela’s actions.

In a lighter moment, Angela also formed a new relationship with a sex doll. As her spouse, Michael Ilesanmi, couldn’t attend the event, Angela rehearsed with a blow-up doll and posed with it for her co-stars. This unconventional move sparked mixed reactions from viewers, with some finding it humorous and others finding it inappropriate.

While the episode had its lighthearted moments, it wasn’t without its challenges. The therapy session involved engaging in a Kama Sutra session to strengthen the couples’ bonds. However, for some, this sexually graphic information proved to be overwhelming, as one person fell ill at the dinner table.

As the episode unfolded, viewers couldn’t help but share their opinions on social media. Many expressed their disbelief and shock at Angela’s actions, with some finding them distasteful and inappropriate. Nonetheless, Angela is known for her unfiltered and sometimes controversial behavior on the show.

Aside from the drama on the show, fans have been curious about the whereabouts of Angela’s daughters. One of her daughters, Scottie, was released from prison earlier than expected in 2020. Scottie faced several charges, including child molestation, and served 15 months before being released on parole. Another daughter, Skyla, recently won a legal battle over Angela’s grandchildren. Skyla defeated her ex-husband in a legitimation dispute, securing custody of the kids.

As for Angela’s current endeavors, she has a variety of income streams. Apart from receiving payments from TLC for each episode and Tell-All appearance, she operates Cameo and Fanbasis sites. Angela also works as an Instagram influencer, promoting various brands to her substantial following of over 749k followers.

Angela has undergone significant transformations, including gastric sleeve surgery in 2020 and cosmetic procedures like Botox and dental implants. Her Instagram feed reflects her journey towards self-improvement and showcases her makeovers.

The episode of ’90 Day: The Last Resort’ featuring Angela’s candid proclamation and unexpected escapades with a sex doll certainly left viewers with a lot to talk about. As the season progresses, fans can expect more surprises, drama, and relationship challenges from this dynamic cast of couples. ’90 Day: The Last Resort’ airs on TLC on Mondays at 9 pm ET, so make sure to tune in to see what unfolds next.


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