Steeler’s Coach, Mike Tomlin, Serves Up a No-Holds-Barred Wake-Up Call to Boost Offense’s Performance!


The Pittsburgh Steelers Offense Struggles to Find Mojo in 26-22 Victory Against the Cleveland Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers escaped with a 26-22 victory against the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football. But Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin made it clear in his press conference the morning after the game that the team’s offensive performance hasn’t been nearly good enough to begin the season. With that in mind, Tomlin called for his offense to return to its preseason form.

Offense Lacks Fluidity and Confidence

“Offensively, we have to get our mojo back. We’ve got to get that mojo that we had in the preseason where we were playing fast and fluid, with confidence, individually and collectively,” Tomlin told reporters. “We’ve lost that, to be blunt, in the last several weeks. We’re not getting the type of fluidity that we want in our starts. We’re not teeing up possession down play, not being in advantageous possession down circumstances, and really it’s making it challenging to sustain drives and score points.”

Preseason Promise Fizzles Out

During the preseason, the Steelers first-team offense played five possessions and scored five touchdowns. Quarterback Kenny Pickett recorded a perfect passer rating. But instead of riding that mojo into the regular season, the Steelers have scored just two offensive touchdowns through two games. That’s the same number of touchdowns the Pittsburgh defense tallied in the first two weeks.

Looking for Solutions

While the Steelers managed to secure a win against the Browns, the offensive struggles are evident. Tomlin and his coaching staff will need to find ways to reignite the offense and regain the confidence and fluidity they had in the preseason. Without improvement, sustaining drives and scoring points will continue to be a challenge.


The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense has experienced a significant drop in performance from the preseason to the regular season. Coach Mike Tomlin is aware of the issues and has called for his team to find their mojo again. The Steelers will need to address their lack of fluidity, confidence, and ability to sustain drives and score points. Only by regaining their preseason form can the Steelers hope to have a successful season.


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