Stephen Curry is still making 3-pointers as he celebrates the NBA championship with his family in a California amusement park.

Even though the NBA season is over, STEPHEN CURRY hasn’t stopped making 3-pointers.

To continue his title celebration, the legendary member of the Golden State Warriors went to a California theme park.


The Warriors star hit a theme park to continue his celebrations


Curry’s revelries following his fourth NBA championship have been hilarious.

And while spending the day with his children Riley, Ryan, and Canon, he was seen shooting 3-pointers at a theme park.

Maybe the 34-year-old was trying to add a stuffed animal to his trophy cabinet.

In addition to winning the All Star Game MVP and the Western Conference Finals MVP this season, he was named NBA Finals MVP.

Steph Curry parties with MVP trophy as star sips tequila and pretends to nap
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Following a parade through the heart of San Francisco on Monday, the team celebrated their victory all night long, and Curry partied like nobody’s business.

Huge crowds gathered to rejoice over the Warriors’ victory and yelled “MVP!” as Curry accepted the accolades from atop a bus.

The celebration went on well into the night, and the NBA star was later seen pulling some moves on the dance floor.

Before receiving his MVP award from a friend, Curry licked a massive bottle of the $900 1942 tequila.

As onlookers applauded in the background, he held both and grinned for the camera.

After a day of celebration, Curry shared a gift with his 44 million Instagram followers.

It was a direct reference to Curry’s infamous mic-drop celebration from the regular season, when Curry first did it after defeating the Mavericks.

The basketball star can be seen feigning sleep on the dance floor in a late-night photo captioned “Night Night.”

Curry delighted crowds with a similar gesture at the San Francisco parade and even performed a mic-drop live on television.

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