Sunny Hostin brilliantly slams Donald Trump’s ‘verbal outpouring’ during ‘Meet The Press’ interview on ‘The View’


Analysis of Donald Trump’s ‘Meet The Press’ Interview on ‘The View’

Former President Donald Trump’s recent interview with Kristen Welker on ‘Meet The Press’ has become a hot topic of discussion. On a recent episode of ‘The View’, the co-hosts delved into certain aspects of the interview, offering their perspectives on the matter.

The show’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, kicked off the conversation by playfully referring to Trump as “You-know-who”. She introduced the topic of his interview with Kristen Welker to the rest of the panel, setting the stage for a lively discussion.

Sunny Hostin, who is not only a co-host but also a lawyer, took the discussion a step further by making a bold statement about Trump. She described his speaking style as having “diarrhea of the mouth”, implying that he tends to speak without restraint or filter.

Whoopi Goldberg introduces Donald Trump’s ‘Meet The Press’ interview

During the latest episode of ‘The View’, Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic of Donald Trump’s interview on ‘Meet The Press’. With a chuckle, she read from a cue card, stating, “You-know-who was on the new ‘Meet The Press’ with Kristin Welker,” before proceeding to share a clip from the interview.

The clip featured Welker questioning Trump about why he ignored the advice of senior lawyers in his administration who advised him to concede after losing more than 60 legal challenges. Trump responded by saying, “Because I didn’t respect them.”

When Welker asked if he ultimately made the decisions himself, Trump replied, “As to whether or not I believed it was rigged, it was my decision. Some people said that.”

Goldberg immediately questioned Trump’s use of the phrase “some people”. She sarcastically asked, “Who said that? I love when people say, ‘some people.’ Who? Is it on camera? Come on, man. I mean, now’s not the time.”

Sunny Hostin’s legal perspective on Donald Trump’s remarks

After Goldberg and fellow co-host Sara Haines shared their thoughts on the interview, Sunny Hostin provided a legal perspective on Trump’s remarks. Drawing parallels to scenes from movies and TV shows, Hostin mentioned the common phrase, “Everything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.”

She went on to assert that Trump’s unfiltered remarks amounted to an admission of conspiracy and his own leadership in the conspiracy. Hostin criticized Trump for disregarding the advice of his lawyers and suggested that she would not continue to represent him if she were a part of his legal team.

Hostin concluded by expressing her disbelief at the lack of control Trump’s legal team seemed to have over him, emphasizing that she would not continue to offer her services pro bono if she were in their position.

In-depth analysis and viewer reactions

The conversation on ‘The View’ surrounding Trump’s ‘Meet The Press’ interview generated a wide range of reactions from viewers. Many praised Goldberg’s sarcastic response to Trump’s vague reference to “some people”. Hostin’s characterization of Trump’s speaking style as having “diarrhea of the mouth” also struck a chord with viewers and sparked further discussion.

Whoopi Goldberg's reaction to Donald Trump's statement
Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction to Donald Trump’s statement
Sunny Hostin expresses her thoughts on Donald Trump's interview
Sunny Hostin expresses her thoughts on Donald Trump’s interview

Overall, the discussion on ‘The View’ shed light on various aspects of Trump’s interview and provided viewers with different perspectives to consider. The conversation also sparked conversation and engagement among the show’s audience.


The discussion on ‘The View’ regarding Donald Trump’s interview on ‘Meet The Press’ provided viewers with a comprehensive analysis and diverse perspectives on the matter. The co-hosts, particularly Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin, offered thoughtful insights into Trump’s remarks and their implications. This conversation continues to generate interest and engagement among viewers.

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