Surprising Twist: Lady Purchases Exquisite Lila Birthing Gown, Receives Striking Skeleton Posters Instead. Unforgettable Fashion Fiasco!


TikTok Woman Buys Lila Birthing Gown and Gets Skeleton Posters Instead

Another day, another TikTok scandal to quench your thirst for drama. In September 2023, Caitlyn Schollmeier — creator of the viral maternity brand, Lila — found herself at the center of controversy after she was called out by an unhappy customer. Dallas-based influencer Desiré Westphal (@desirewestphal) said that she ordered a birthing gown from Lila and received an entirely different product in the mail. The mix-up made the influencer wonder if she was being scammed.

The Unexpected Delivery Mishap

In a viral TikTok video that has garnered over 1.7 million views, Desiré unboxed her highly-anticipated birthing gown from Lila Maternity and was shocked to discover that she had received two tubes containing prints of rock and roll cartoon skeletons instead. The misleading package left Desiré questioning the credibility of her purchase. “This is supposed to be my Lila gown, but this is what came in the package,” Desiré expressed her disappointment.

Delivery Delay and Skepticism

Prior to receiving the unexpected skeleton posters, Desiré noticed that her order was not delivered within the promised timeframe. Lila Maternity had guaranteed delivery by the 9th, but the package arrived later. Desiré initially attributed the delay to shipping issues, but the mix-up with the product made her suspicious. “But now I just feel like I seriously just got scammed. I’m so confused,” she questioned.

Supportive Customers and Proposed Explanations

As Desiré’s video gained attention, people flooded the comment section with their thoughts and possible explanations for the mix-up. Some speculated that Lila Maternity may share a fulfillment center with other companies and that orders might have been mixed up. However, many customers came to the defense of Lila Maternity, sharing their positive experiences with the brand. Their comments suggested that this mix-up might be an isolated incident. One user wrote, “That’s crazy lol I ordered my gown from her and I got my actual gown. It’s 10/10. Hopefully, they fix whatever went wrong.”

The Controversial Response

Lila Maternity owner Caitlyn Schollmeier took to TikTok to address Desiré’s viral unboxing video and accused her of lying about the wrong delivery to receive a free birthing gown. The accusations against Desiré added fuel to the fire, prompting her to provide evidence of the truth. She even shared the Ring camera footage, capturing the moment the package was delivered to her front door. Caitlyn’s response has only worsened the situation, as it raised questions about the brand’s professionalism.

The Aftermath

This incident has snowballed into a viral scandal that has garnered significant attention on TikTok. While the circumstances surrounding the mix-up remain unclear, Desiré’s experience highlights the importance of open communication and transparency from brands. Lila Maternity must address this issue promptly to regain customers’ trust and restore the brand’s reputation. As for Desiré, she has expressed her disappointment and made it clear that she will no longer support Lila Maternity.


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