‘Survivor’ Champ Empowers Aspiring Cast Members—Casting Director Debunks as a ‘Foolish Investment’


Survivor Winner Adam Klein’s Casting Coach Business Sparks Controversy with CBS Casting Director

By Jamie Lerner | Sep. 19 2023, Published 11:09 a.m. ET

Source: CBS/Instagram/Reddit/@jesse.tannenbaum

The Casting Drama: Jesse Tannenbaum and Adam Klein’s Clash

Adam Klein, the winner of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, has recently faced criticism for his casting coaching service. The controversy arose when Adam announced that three of his clients were cast on Season 45 of Survivor. In response, CBS’s Casting Director Jesse Tannenbaum took to Instagram to make a provocative statement, insisting that hiring someone to help with audition videos is a waste of money. This clash between Jesse and Adam has sparked speculation and raised questions about the effectiveness of casting coaches.

Desperate Dreamers: The Quest to Join Survivor

Despite Jesse’s remarks, many aspiring contestants are willing to do whatever it takes to get on Survivor, The Amazing Race, or Big Brother. Some individuals are even willing to pay hundreds of dollars for casting coaches, as they believe it increases their chances of success. Jesse’s comment seems to undermine the value of these services, leading to further controversy and debate.

Jesse Tannenbaum’s Bold Statement

On September 12, 2023, Jesse Tannenbaum took to his Instagram story to address reality show applicants directly. He boldly stated, “Attention to all reality show applicants: You don’t need to hire a company or anyone to help you with your audition video or to give you casting advice.” He went on to compare these coaching services to the infamous Barbizon School of Modeling, dismissing them as a waste of money. Many fans interpreted this as a direct dig at Adam’s casting coach business, sparking a dedicated Reddit thread to discuss the drama.

The Reddit Speculation: A Shot at Adam?

The Reddit thread titled “Was this a shot at Adam?” indicates that people feel Jesse’s comments were targeted at Adam Klein. While some individuals express discomfort with Adam’s coaching business, others admit they don’t fully grasp the nature of his services and how he assists potential applicants. The debate continues regarding the intentions behind Jesse’s remarks.

Adam Klein: A Coaching Role, Not an Insider Connection

A controversy arose when it was revealed that three of Adam’s clients had been cast on Survivor. In response, some individuals felt that applying without Adam’s assistance was now futile, as they would be competing against applicants coached by a former Survivor winner. Adam promptly clarified his role in a tweet, asserting that he has no direct line to CBS’s casting department and is not affiliated with the network or Survivor. His job as a casting coach revolves around helping individuals showcase their unique stories and personalities, much like a college essay coach guides students in crafting compelling narratives for their dream colleges.

Coaching for Success: Adam’s Approach

Adam’s casting service involves assisting each client in creating a standout audition video and providing guidance throughout the casting process. However, it is important to note that his services are not a guarantee of being cast on the show. Applicants still need to possess the qualities and personalities sought by the casting directors. While Jesse’s statement holds some truth – that hiring a casting coach is not a necessity – it does not diminish the potential benefits of coaching for certain individuals. Adam’s success rate of three out of seventeen contestants proves that his coaching has value for those who may need additional guidance.

The Barrier of Entry: Jesse’s Concern

Jesse Tannenbaum’s comment may stem from a desire to ensure equal opportunities for aspiring contestants. By discouraging the use of paid casting coaches, he aims to prevent a financial barrier of entry for potential contestants. It is important to strike a balance between providing equal opportunities and accommodating individuals who benefit from coaching. Unfortunately, the true intentions behind Jesse’s statement will remain unknown.

The Upcoming Season: Survivor 45

The much-anticipated Survivor 45 is set to premiere on September 27 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. As viewers gear up for another thrilling season, the controversy surrounding Adam Klein’s casting coach business adds an additional layer of intrigue to the show.


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