Sweet Showdown: Viral TikTok Debate Unleashes a Delightful Rivalry between ‘Boy Cookies’ and ‘Girl Cookies’


Boy Cookies vs. Girl Cookies: TikTok’s Hilarious Debate

In a now-viral TikTok video, a woman named Gaby hilariously dives into the controversial topic of “boy cookies” and “girl cookies.” The video has taken social media by storm, sparking a heated debate about gender stereotypes in the world of sweet treats.

Unveiling the Cookie Gender

In Gaby’s TikTok video, she shares an amusing conversation she had with her boyfriend, who mistakenly believed she had a male visitor in their home. His reason? He noticed “boy cookies” in the pantry. And what were these mysterious “boy cookies”? None other than the chunky chocolate chip variety from Chips Ahoy! Gaby expressed her confusion and questioned her boyfriend’s logic, as he claimed that “girls buy the chewy ones.” It seems cookie preferences are being gendered in an unexpected way.

The Viral Phenomenon

Since Gaby’s TikTok video was uploaded, it has garnered a whopping 5.2 million views and counting. Viewers couldn’t resist chiming in with their opinions and experiences on the matter. Comments flooded the video, with many expressing amusement at the idea of assigning cookie genders.

Cookie Preferences Unveiled

One TikTok user shared that her boyfriend prefers crunchy cookies, while she loves the chewy ones, supporting Gaby’s boyfriend’s theory. Others voiced their agreement, with comments like “As a guy, I hate the crunchy ones but love the chewy Chips Ahoy” and “I am a boy, and I like the chewy ones more.” It seems there is a spectrum of cookie preferences that doesn’t align strictly with gender.

Crunchy vs. Chewy

On the other side of the debate, some girls proudly proclaimed their love for the crunchy cookies, jokingly stating, “I guess I’m a boy; I only eat the crunchy ones.” Others agreed, with comments such as “As a girl, I love crunchier cookies” and “I only like the crunchy Chips Ahoy, so I guess I’m a boy lol.” Cookie preferences, it seems, are not bound by traditional definitions of gender.

The Takeaway

This TikTok debate has shed light on the ridiculousness of assigning genders to cookies. People’s preferences for crunchy or chewy cookies are personal and varied, breaking free from stereotypes. The viral video is a reminder that we should embrace individual tastes instead of reinforcing outdated norms.

Conclusion: Let Your Tastebuds Decide

The “boy cookies” versus “girl cookies” debate that ignited on TikTok has garnered both humor and thought-provoking discussions. It’s evident that cookie preferences aren’t determined by gender, and we should all feel free to enjoy the cookies that delight our tastebuds, regardless of social expectations. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness and devour whichever cookies bring the most joy.


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