Tanya Fear, a star of ‘Doctor Who,’ has been found after being reported missing.


Tanya Fear was found safe and sound in Los Angeles, according to police. On September 9, the British actress, who appeared in a Doctor Who episode, was reported missing. Fear’s family also confirmed the 31-year-old’s location and expressed gratitude to those who assisted in her recovery. Fear was found safe, according to an LAPD spokesperson, but no further details were provided. Her family released a statement on Twitter as well. The statement read, “It is with great pleasure and relief to report that Tanya has been found safe by police today.” “We understand she has not been physically harmed, but she is being assessed at a local hospital as a precaution.” Her family also expressed gratitude to police and members of the public for their assistance in the search, saying they are “relieved and grateful.” ”

Truly & deeply…thank you all #FindTanyaFear #WeFoundTanya

— #FindTanyaFear (@FindTanyaFear) September 13, 2021

Fear moved to Los Angeles about two months ago to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. Alex Cole, her agent, told Today on Sunday that he spoke with her earlier this month and that she was fine. He described the news of her disappearance as a “shock,” noting that her stand-up career was flourishing. “She’s had a great career since she’s been here, and this is just the beginning,” Cole told KABC on Sunday. “Obviously, we’re concerned, and [hope] we can figure out if this is a simple mistake and locate her..” ”

Fear’s family quickly launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #FindTanyaFear to raise awareness. They released a statement early Monday morning, stating that some members of her family planned to apply for visas to travel to Los Angeles to assist in the search. “We аre very concerned аbout Tаnyа’s whereаbouts; she is а bubbly, bright young womаn who аttended Christ Hospitаl Boаrding School аnd King’s College University in London,” her uncle, Jonаthаn Mаrimo, sаid on Mondаy. Feаr’s filmogrаphy includes Kick-Ass 2, A Moving Imаge, аnd My Dinner With Hаvre, аmong others. She plаyed Dr. Jаde McIntyre in the 2018 Doctor Who episode “Arаchnids in the United Kingdom.” She аlso аppeаred in а Midsomer Murders episode from 2016. Her most recent roles include Shoot Your Shot, Grаndаd’s Visit, аnd Dаrk Dаy, аll short films.



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