Target customers are outraged after the retailer stopped carrying their favorite brand nationwide.


Target has confirmed they will no longer sell the Archer Farms brand of groceries, ending speculation about the disappearance of some customer favorites.

The popular grocery brand carried by the department store since 1995 will be discontinued in favor of Good & Gather, the store’s new label.


The variety retailer will replace the brand with Good & Gather products


The original offerings from Archer Farms included staples like bread, milk, and pasta.

More and more unique foods and drinks, such as frozen pizza and ice cream, have been added to the line over time.

The store, which has branched out into the grocery business, saw rapid brand recognition, and it is now a top-label seller.

On social media, some clients vented their displeasure with the dramatic shift.

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“@Target Occasionally I question the wisdom of your choices. “Archer Farms hit the target dead on, but Good and Gather fell short,” one customer wrote.

The annoyed customersaid they’ll be avoiding those aisles in the future in favor of others when they shop at Target.

In spite of losing my grocery business, I will continue to shop for home goods at Target. “I’m taking my business elsewhere!” they proclaimed.

The comment was responded to on Twitter by a Target representative.

“Hello, We appreciate your continued patronage over the years. They said, “We work hard to stock only the best products, and we welcome your suggestions for how we can serve you better.

The store claims that it is giving the customer complaints serious thought.

We’ll let the devs know about this. With “Thank you for your suggestion on making Target great!,” the message ended.

Even though it may seem like it just started, the switch from Archer Farms to Good & Gather has been in the works for quite some time.

As of early 2019, Target had already started to replace the brand with Good & Gather.

More than two thousand items, including dairy, produce, pasta, meat, sparkling water, and trendy items like avocado toast salad kits and beet hummus, make up the new line.

Good & Gather has maintained a lower price point than competing brands of equivalent quality. Prices can be anywhere from a buck ninety nine cents to thirty one dollars and ninety nine cents.

By doing their grocery shopping at Good & Gather, consumers can save a considerable amount of money.

Shoppers expressed their annoyance over Target's decision to drop Archer Farms



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