Teen mom Farrah Abraham has had a number of cosmetic procedures done to her face, including lip fillers, a nose job, and a chin implant.


Teen mom Farrah Abraham has had numerous cosmetic procedures done to her face over the years.

The ex-Teen Mom OG star has been showing off her newfound prominence of jawline and cheekbones for a while now, and it’s made her almost unrecognizable.


Farrah nearly busted out of her plunging top


Farrah appeared to have enlarged lips as she had blondish hair


The ex-MTV star has been posting photos of herself in revealing clothing.

Farrah’s lips looked bigger and her chin seemed more defined as she smiled for the camera.


Teen Mom Farrah's skin appeared to be glowing


The MTV Mom’s skin was noticeably more radiant and glossy in February.

She used a lot of blush and a dark peach lipstick for her makeup.

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wears plunging top as she poses with daughter Sophia

She said she got a facial peel, and ever since then, people have been commenting on how great her skin looks.

Farrah declared, “I lost all of my skin to the VO peel. Today, I am a bright star.

My skin is an obsession of mine. My complexion has never been better.

This peel is out of this world, so get one if you want one.


Farrah showed off her black hair while posing with her daughter Sophia


Mom-of-one and teen-aged daughter Sophia, 13, shared a gift from smart change in January.

Farrah was beautiful with her black hair, tanned skin, and pearly white teeth.

The TV star went through a blonde phase before going dark brunette and getting bangs.


Farrah dyed her hair blonde for her birthday


On her 31st birthday in May of 2022, Farrah went blonde in honor of her daughter’s first vacation.

The reality star celebrated in a skimpy bikini on the beach while consuming an extravagant cake.

She posted footage from her celebration with the caption, “To my 31st, The one I’ve been waiting for…

I’ve seen her and she’s here. Healing and blessing in sobriety: the greatest present imaginable.

She had gone to a Texas rehabilitation center for 28 days back in March 2022 to help her cope with trauma.

She still doesn’t look the same as she did when she first appeared on the MTV show.


Farrah held baby Sophia on Teen Mom OG


Farrah’s self-help memoir, Dream Twenties: Self Guided Self Help Memoir, was released in June 2021, detailing her complete body transformation.

In her essay, she admitted, “Yes, I did get plastic surgery, and with that responsibility and freedom, there is much I learned.

“I am thankful that I was able to publicly display or document virtually all of my procedures. That goes for the mistakes as well.”

As soon as she turned 22, the TV star had a 40-minute procedure performed under local anesthesia to have the implant removed.

In 2010, she underwent breast augmentation surgery, and in 2012, she had rhinoplasty and a chin implant done.

A second breast augmentation in 2013 allowed Farrah to go from a size C to a size D.

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That same year, she also received lip injections.

Then in 2015, she had a third boob job to fix the first two surgeries that went wrong.

Sophia and Farah posed for a photo together


Farrah has appeared different since her early days on MTV



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