The 2023 version of Steam’s finest free games


Whether you play on a traditional computer or a Steam Machine, you’ll want to stock up on a great selection of games.

Unfortunately, not all games on Steam are inexpensive, and we don’t always have the time to wait for one of Steam’s massive seasonal sales.


However, you shouldn’t worry because Steam is loaded with free games that you can play right this second.

The best free Steam games of 2023 are listed below.

Free Steam games: Dota 2

Even though Dota 2 is turning ten years old this year, it is still very popular on Steam.

It has complex, in-depth gameplay and features intense 5v5 hero battles.

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If you’ve played League of Legends and found it boring, you’ll love Dota 2.

To top it all off, not a single playable character is locked behind a paywall or requires unlocking. At the outset, all 124 are accessible.

Free Steam games: Team Fortress 2

This is a Valve classic; the game’s cartoony visual style and innocent humor have stood the test of time.

The nine playable classes in TF2 can be used in any of the game’s many game modes.

Because of the unique play styles of each character class, Team Fortress 2 is among the most replayable video games of all time.

Also, you can wear any one of the nearly 900 available caps. The negatives are hard to find.

Free Steam Games: Lost Ark

The experience of playing Lost Ark is similar to that of playing Diablo, if that game were instead set in a fantasy world inspired by anime art styles.

It’s an MMORPG, but the enjoyable combat abilities make it feel more like an action RPG.

You still get the scope, story, and community of a regular MMO, though.

Due to Lost Ark’s massive user base, frequent updates are implemented.

Free Steam games: Marvel Snap

In case deck-building card games are more your speed, you should definitely check out Marvel Snap.

Since its release, Ben Brode’s Marvel Snap has been a hit with players.

The matches here are unique in that they only last three rounds, making them very accessible.

Great decks featuring your favorite Marvel heroes and villains are available in a wide range of themes, characters, and rarities.

Halo Infinite

Despite complaints from fans, Halo Infinite remains a top free-to-play FPS. 343 Industries has been criticized for being slow to release new content.

With it, you can use weapons and vehicles from previous games in the series in online multiplayer conflict.

Players also have the option to make their own custom maps using the Forge, and there are many good ones to try out.

You should definitely give this a shot if you’re getting tired of Warzone 2.0.

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