The attention of “every US school” has been drawn to a “once in a generation” high school quarterback who possesses NFL-caliber size and strength.


KANE Archer might be football’s next thing.

Although he is only a freshman at Greenwood High School, the quarterback has drawn attention from top-tier universities because of his freakishly developed physique.


Kane plays for Greenwood with his older brother, Cash (right)


As the name “The Cannon” suggests, Archer is a formidable weapon.

On January 22, he turned 15, making him eligible for the 2026 recruiting pool.

But it’s estimated that the Arkansan, at six feet and one inch, weighs around 200 pounds.

People say he can lift more than 150 pounds with his bare hands.

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The quarterback also has impressively large hands, with a reported measurement of 10 1/8 inches.

Bryce Young of Alabama is the consensus No. Although he is about six years older than Archer, the NFL lists his hand size as 9 3/4, making him the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

According to Horton Barbell, quarterbacks had an average hand size of 9 7/8 inches at the 2023 NFL Combine.

It’s no shock that numerous colleges have expressed interest in the Greenwood Bulldogs’ star football player.

According to 247 Sports, thirteen universities, including Ole Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas A&M, have been keeping tabs on Archer.

According to MaxPreps, by the end of the 2022-23 season, the quarterback had a 60.9% success rate while throwing for nine touchdowns and three interceptions.

On the ground, he has also shown promise, as evidenced by his four rushing touchdowns on 22 attempts.

It appears that the Archer family possesses some exceptionally gifted athletic genes.

Cash Kane, Kane’s older brother, is an edge rusher for Greenwood and has drawn interest from multiple colleges.


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