The Brooklyn U-Haul incident where a truck hit pedestrians and caused multiple injuries “has eerie links with the killer who mowed down 8,”


At least four pedestrians were hurt by an erratic U-Haul driver in a chilling incident connected to the assailant who killed eight people in the West Side Highway terror attack in 2017.

On Thursday morning, an unidentified driver ploughed through people on the sidewalk in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, causing a chaotic scene.


Before fleeing the scene, the driver ran over the pedestrians on Bay Ridge Parkway and Fifth Avenue.

Authorities eventually located the driver in the nearby Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn.

According to reports, a bomb squad from the New York City Police Department was on the scene to check the U-Haul for any potential explosives.

The incident on Monday occurred as the death penalty phase of Sayfullo Saipov’s trial began; Saipov is an Islamic extremist who ran eight people down with a truck in 2017 and killed them.

There is no evidence linking the two incidents.

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