The cause of an internal fire in a Tesla Model 3 remains unknown.


It’s unclear what caused the fire that broke out in a TESLA Model 3 mere minutes after the driver had gotten behind the wheel.

Ali Hasan of Texas claims that after only 10 minutes in the car after picking it up from the body shop, the electric vehicle began smoking.


The fire completely destroyed the inside of the electric car


Mr Hasan says the car started smoking inside around 10 minutes after he'd picked it up from a body shop


The car caught fire and is now a charred wreck on the shoulder of the road.

During an accident in 2021, significant damage was done to the front of the Tesla.

The owner then reported on social media that in August 2022, the vehicle was submerged in water so deep that the rear bumper, wheel covers, and undercarriage were all damaged.

The fire appears to have ended the car’s life abruptly, which the owner described as a total shock.

To Mr. Hasan, “everything looked just fine,” he said to Carscoops.

It got worse as I drove the half mile off the highway, but I noticed smoke coming from the right passenger seat as I was driving down the highway.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

Mr. Hasan has not placed blame on the auto body shop, but he has acknowledged there is a link.

According to him, “as far as I know so far, nothing apart from that they replaced sensors and bumper and the cover under the car.”

Mr. Hasan elaborated on his position in a Facebook discussion.

He went on to detail how they replaced the frunk’s under-cover as well as sensors that, as he now realizes, should have been located on the passenger side.

I’m just offering a theory as my best guess because I have none better to offer.

Many people on the internet speculated that the battery was to blame, but Mr. Hasan has stated that this is not the case.

Mr. Hasan’s car was almost completely destroyed by fire, but the exterior was largely unharmed.

Mr. Hasan escaped the fire unharmed, but he reported having trouble breathing after being taken to the hospital.

The Sun Online has contacted Tesla for comment.

Mr Hasan was able to escape without any burns but says he is in hospitable with breathing difficulties


It remains a mystery as to what caused the fire



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