‘The Circle’ Season 5: Chaz Lawery rejects Oliver Twixt after questioning the intentions of the flirtatious musician


Spoilers for ‘The Circle’ Season 5

Manchester, United Kingdom: The strategy game show that doubles as a reality TV series, “The Circle,” returned with its eagerly awaited finale after what felt like the longest wait of a week. As the players gathered one last time before the winner was revealed, the Netflix series undoubtedly did not hold back on the bombshells.

The winner’s announcement was the episode’s high point, but there were a number of other unexpected events that made the players and viewers gasp in shock. One of these mind-blowing incidents occurred when a “super secret influencer” blocked a crucial player from Season 5 of “The Circle.” After winning the title of secret influencer in last week’s episode, Chaz Lowery was given the difficult task of obstructing one more player in the finale. Chaz was initially perplexed by the difficult choice, but the mobile car detailing entrepreneur decided to turn down Oliver Twixt, his “fling” from “The Circle.”

Season 5 of “The Circle”: Jennifer almost let the truth slip! Chaz Lawery’s account is the subject of a hacker incident.

Fans of “The Circle” call catfish Jennifer a “fake b***h” for turning on their “BFF” Tom before the series’ conclusion.

'The Circle' Season 5 contestant Chaz Lawery (Netflix)

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