The clothes I wore to the grocery store were deemed “inappropriate” by my grandfather, who was warned that they could cause a heart attack.


A GRANDPA approached a woman while she was out shopping.

He disapproved of her choice of clothing to the point where he reprimanded her for it.


Lifestyle content creator Kahlilda (@kahlilda) posted a video of her workout routine to her more than 680,000 TikTok followers.

The blond unveiled her ensemble, which consisted of a white long-sleeve T-shirt, a pair of floral overalls, and a yellow baseball cap.

She whirled to show off the whole ensemble, then shook it a little.

She tweeted, “Cheers to the grandpa I met at the grocery store today who said my outfit was inappropriate,” with the hashtag #bodypositivity.

I'm plus-size & love wearing a bikini…trolls say my boobs are inappropriate
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People expressed their admiration for the influencer in the comments section.

Although some people found the grandpa’s attire offensive, others were perplexed by his brazenness.

“Why on earth would you say something like that?! Wow, you really shine in this outfit. “That outfit is so adorable!” exclaimed one reader.

“Hi. Um. It is not. That’s all,” agreed another.

Some people speculated that Grandpa was upset for a different reason.

“Omg! I can’t believe how adorable you are! It’s so distracting for the gramps, they might get a heart attack,” joked one commenter.

“They jelly jelly,” said another.

People said she was so cute she would've given him a heart attack



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