The Earth will be struck by the “Silent Shrine” in February, but everyone has noticed the same issue, so I’m a “time traveler.”


A TIKTOKER who describes themselves as a “time traveler” has published a list of significant events to be aware of in the coming month.

The “Silent Shrine” is coming on February 27, according to the poster, Eno Alaric, who claims to be from the year 2671.


It’s unclear what that means, but the uploader added that February 4, February 14, and February 19 will also see significant events.

According to an overlay text that is mentioned in the clip, “Very big things will happen on each of these dates and will prove 100% that I’m a real time traveler.”

However, TikTokers questioned his claims in the comments section, pointing out one obvious error: he said in February 2022 rather than 2023.

One commenter questioned, “(Are these) like all the other dates you posted and nothing happened?”

I'm a 'time traveler,' when we'll see big food shortage & new Russian leader
I'm a 'time traveler ' - the world is on brink of collapse but we'll be saved

The TikToks posted by Eno typically feature futuristic-looking space renderings and strange lights underneath some dramatic string arrangements.

Another commenter questioned, “How do you have a phone up there?”

Eno asserted that a significant natural disaster would hit a city in the United States in another of his predictions.

Eno forewarned, “May 15, 2023: a 750 ft mega-tsunami hits California, primarily San Francisco.”

Eno has also asserted that a hostile alien species will attack us in 2023 in yet another TikTok.

Eno еxplainеd thе invasion by stating that “anothеr aliеn, known as “Thе Champion,” will takе somе pеoplе to anothеr habitablе planеt.”

Howеvеr, thе so-callеd timе travеlеr madе rеfеrеncе to anothеr aliеn spеciеs hе claims will savе us whеn hе said that “Thе Champion will choosе thе bеst pеoplе” from Earth.

On March 23, 2023, hе claims that thosе who will bе savеd “will kееp еvеryonе alivе.”


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